Andy Corwin

Andy Corwin

 Austin, Texas, USA

Andy writes and performs (strange & unusual) original comic songs. ________________________________________ (also see: Limeliters)


Andy Corwin is a singer/songwriter/comedian & raconteur who burst upon the folk music scene some time after the late pleistocene era.

He is is currently a member of the internationally renowned 60's folk trio, The Limeliters, with whom he tours throughout the U.S., as well as being a popular solo performer in music and comedy venues.

He was formerly the long haired, scraggly bass player of The Foremen, a folk music / comedy quartet best remembered for clever and literate political satire. The Foremen recorded two albums on the Warner/Reprise label in the mid-nineties and performed at the 1996 Democratic Party convention in Chicago (they also gate-crashed the Republican convention that same year -- but, that's another story.)

In recent years he has teamed with singer/songwriter (& renaissance man) Steve Goodie to form the duo "actual size".

Citing comic influences ranging from "Bob & Ray" to "Monty Python" to "The Warren Commision Report", Andy's songwriting has variously been described as bizarre, outrageous, boarder line-psychotic and chock full 'o vitamins and minerals. He was a winner of the 2005 New Folk Songwriting Competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, Texas.

He is also an accomplished documentary film editor & director whose work is regularly seen on The History Channel, A & E, Discovery Networks, Animal Planet, The Food Network and HGTV, to name but a few.


Andy Corwin - "Actual Size" (2006)

The Limeliters - "Live in Paradise" (2004)
The Limeliters - "Right From the Start" (2007)

Actual Size - "Measuring Up"
Actual Size - "Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear"

The Foremen- "Folk Heroes" (Warner/Reprise - 1995)
The Foremen- "What's Left?"(Warner/Reprise. - 1996)
The Foremen- "The Foremen's Greatest Hits" (2007)
The Foreme - "Sing It Loud" (1994)
The Foremen - "Folk Heroes" (1993)

Set List

Cowboy by Day, Ballerina by Night
The Agnostic Gospel Song
The Cutting Edge of Passé
Sex and Drugs and Bill Monroe
Actual Size
The Hypochondriac Pirate Song
Travelin' Hard
If I Was You
Kuala Lumpor
There You Have It, There You R
Somebody Else Got to be Jimmy Buffett
Go ForthMy Son
Song About Nothing