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The best kept secret in music


December 8, 2005

Andy Dolson
Stater rating (out of four): ***1/2

Watch out music world, Andy Dolson has true star potential. Before long, you’ll hear his songs on the radio or MTV.

With his strong vocals, comparable to John Mayer, you may be mesmerized.

The songs sound familiar, but resonate with different messages: mistakes, heartbreak and self-realization. The lyrics may remind you of the chick flick The Notebook, telling a story of a man who always leaves and a woman who waits her whole life for him to return.

For fast-paced songs, listen to “Apology” and “The Man Inside.”

If finals have you stressed, Tide’s soothing sounds can calm that nervous heartbeat and help you forget your problems for 23 minutes.

— Tiffany Strong
- Kent Stater

December 08, 2005

Andy Dolson and The Speedbumps
What? CD Release Party
Where? Scott’s Folkatorium
When? Friday, 7 p.m.
How much? $5 (Price includes food! )

While many people associate Nashville, Tenn., with honky-tonk country music, local musician Andy Dolson recognizes it as the place where he got his true start.

The 21-year-old from Stow contacted producer Mitch Dane, best known for his work with Jars of Clay, in hopes of obtaining an internship, but got more than he bargained for.

“When he asked for a demo of my work, I sent it, and he said he’d be willing to work with me,” Dolson said. “I didn’t realize how much that meant, however, until I went down and realized how many people he gets CDs from every week.”

Dolson now plays the guitar, but got his start when he was 9 playing the piano. With help from his high school band instructors, he learned the trumpet and the drums. The guitar, however, was self-taught.

While music has always been Dolson’s true love, snow skiing, water skiing, fishing and running are free-time fun.

It wasn’t until a year ago that he realized how important music was to him.

“I started playing open mikes again, and realized the path I would take to have a career in music,” Dolson said. “Venues started asking me to play and they paid me. How cool is that, to get paid doing what you love?”

He hopes to take his small café experience to the big arena where his imagination and ambition can run wild, but the first step is getting heard.

“The only way to get your music out there is to play. The biggest satisfaction comes when you’re totally absorbed in the music; nothing else matters. You’re able to be a part of something larger than life.”

Through the help of Dane, Dolson traveled to Nashville where he recorded a six-song CD titled Tide. While some of the songs may be found on his other two independent releases, they are all newly recorded — some rewritten and with new musicians.

Dolson described his music as “a combination of guitar-driven rock, catchy melodies and contemplative lyrics combining influences from rock, jazz and folk.” He calls himself a mix of Switchfoot and John Mayer.

His newly formed band, including Jonathan Penn, Ben Smith and Dave Nitszche, plans on touring with Dolson. He feels his band is in the beginning stages, but once they are ready, they plan to take the gigs abroad.

“I’ve established relationships with people in the music business just by recording in Nashville,” Dolson said. “Now I plan to sell it and market it to labels, radio stations, venues, managers, agents, and get as much buzz going around here about the CD.”

Tide will be released tomorrow. It can be purchased for $10 at any show and will be available by song on iTunes within the next few months.

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Contact ALL Correspondent Tiffany Strong at
- Kent Stater

by April Helms

Special Products Editor

“A great experience.”

That’s how Stow native Andy Dolson described his recent trip to Nashville to record an EP compact disc, “Tide.”

A CD release party is planned Dec. 9 at Scott’s Folkatorium, 2567 S. Arlington Road in Akron. Two other acts Ñ The Speedbumps and John Penn Ñ also will perform. The event starts at 7 p.m., and there is a $5 cover charge, which includes food.

Dolson, a 21-year-old student at The University of Akron, left for Nashville Aug. 14 and returned Sept. 1.

“I hadn’t planned to stay that long,” Dolson said. “But we had the availability to mix the CD while I was down there. I only had my hotel room until Aug. 28, but Vince Powell [who mixed the CD] let me stay at his place a couple of nights.”

Dolson said he and the others involved in making the six-track recording worked from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“It was quite an undertaking for two weeks,” Dolson said. “I think we did a pretty good job. It’s a stressful experience. There’s so much to do and only so much time. Every take has to be your best possible performance, and that can be draining.”

The songs included in the EP are “Maybe This Time,” “Tide,” “Apology,” “She Will Go,” “The Man Inside” and “Leave the Light On.”

On a typical work day, Dolson said he would wake up at about 7:30, go for a morning run then head to the studio.

“Mitch [Dane, producer and engineer] would already be there working on something,” Dolson said.

The first day in the studio was a preproduction period, where the team went over the songs, Dolson said. The second day, the drums and other percussion were recorded. Then the guitar would be added, then backup vocals.

“It was like making a cake,” Dolson said. “You build on the layers.”

Dolson said he still had time to see the sights.

“I often went to the Opryland Hotel,” he said. “That is a reason to go to Nashville by itself. Inside, there are boat rides, live music, restaurants and shops. It’s really cool. You feel like you are in another world.”

One challenge, Dolson said, was the heat and humidity.

“It was over 100 degrees down there some days,” he said.

All in all, Dolson said, it was an enjoyable experience.

“I met a lot of people down there,” he said. “There’s a whole network of people who help each other out. For me, it showed me I was more mature than I thought I was. I was able to establish myself and make friend. It showed me I can stand by myself.”

Dolson said he hopes to record a full-length CD in the future.

“I just recently rounded up a band to play with,” he said. “These people are committed. We all get along together. We are still writing our material.”

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"I am most-impressed, unusual combination of catchy hooks and lyrics that have something to say. A major-league release in all-respects. Nice ratio of ballads to power-tunes."

-Bill Gruber
Program and Music Director
WAPS 91.3 The Summit In Akron - Bill Gruber


Andy Dolson (LP)
Track 1. "Butterfly" airs on WAPS 91.3 FM The Summit

Maybe This Time Single (EP)
Track 1. "Maybe This Time" airs on WZIP 88.1 FM

Tide (EP)
Release Date: December 9th, 2005
Track 1. "Maybe This Time" airs on WAPS 91.3 The Summit
Track 3. "Apology" airs on WAPS 91.3 The Summit


Feeling a bit camera shy


In October of 2004, singer songwriter, Andy Dolson, left his roots in rock and ventured out on his own. His alternative spin on the folk acoustic act caught on quickly with listeners all over the North East Ohio region. Packed coffee houses and dive bars would be his element for well over a year.

After eight months of playing anywhere and everywhere, Dolson loaded up his guitar case and traveled to Nashville, TN, to record his debut EP Tide. Appearing on the record with Dolson are Paul Eckberg, former touring drummer for Amy Grant, and Aaron Sands, recording and touring bassist for Jars of Clay.

When Dolson returned home to the coffee shop circuit, something just wasn't right. You see, Dolson's heart still beat the blood of a rocker, and he couldn't fight it anymore.

Nearly two years after the adventure began, Dolson reconnected with old friend and bassist, Ben Smith, and when the two met drummer, Dave Nitzsche, it all seemed to make sense. They began transforming Dolson's catchy acoustic hooks into roof-rattling rock anthems, all the while his EP Tide continues to receive great reviews.

Bill Gruber, Program Director of WAPS 91.3, calls Tide “A major-league release in all-respects.”

“Dolson’s album is the perfect mix,” says Tiffany Strong of the Daily Kent Stater, giving Tide a three and a half out of four star rating.

Rarely, will you see such a group that believes so strongly in the power of music, and its ability to transform the soul. This passion is evident in the sweat and tears poured into every note that they play, but the journey has just begun. . .