Andy Evans

Andy Evans


Andy is primarily a songwriter writing in a style that combines rock, acoustic, jazz and classical traditions. Very melodic yet multi-faceted music combined with superbly crafted lyrics


Born in Bristol, UK, Andy Evans played cornet throughout his childhood, having been born into a Salvation Army family. His interest in guitar began with his exposure to pop music on the radio, and he also began playing the piano at a young age.

Soon The Beatles became a passion, the start of a lifelong love of the art of songwriting; he also developed a love of the music of Hendrix, jazz, and a wide and eclectic range of other styles.

Throughout his teens, he played in bands covering pop, rock and jazz classics as well as original material, which he had by then begun to write. In the late 70s he toured extensively with Baton Rouge, appearing on the bill with bands such as Racing Cars, Gordon Giltrap, and The Stranglers.

Later, Andy studied harmony and composition privately before reading music at the University of York. He majored in compositional techniques and analysis and, in addition to more traditional styles, studied Indian music, Gamelan, African drumming, electronic music and music-theatre. He moved to London in 1984, and now lives in East Sussex with his wife and four children. He currently plays in a variety of bands and ensembles, including jazz duo KuDeTa.

Greatest writing influences are undoubtedly The Beatles, but the wide range of music he has experienced - and continues to play – can be clearly heard.


Holding On

Written By: Andy Evans

Help me, darling, find my way
‘Cos I get lost and I get lonely like today
I keep Holding On
It’s just the way that I am

I’ve heard stories and I’ve had dreams
I’ve found that nothing’s quite the way that it seems
I keep Holding On
Just the way that I am

I’ve been down and I’ve been all around this world
Nothing to say about it now
It just seems to be that way
And you don’t hear me complaining

‘Cos I’ve had good times and I’ve had bad
I guess I’m grateful for whatever times we had
I keep Holding On
Just the way that I am

A Broad Thought From Home

Written By: Andy Evans

It's the closing hour of yet another day
The lights are low now, the people go
And the landing lies with inviting eyes
But the clock's on wheels, soon it's time to rise
Oh the joys of living are well disguised or never meant to be

Tell me, how does it feel to be riding free
Up in the blue where the angels used to be?
Oh, I'm coming home

Well I often dream of a far-off land
And a girl I know from long ago
Shields her eyes from the sun with the back of her hand
Lives where empires fall, and music stands
And the joys of living are on display for everyone to see

Repeat chorus

Well she stands like a sun-clock with her hands in the sky
Casting five o'clock shadows with a wink of her eye
But the streetlamp's lit, and the sack is hit
And it's off to bed with a book instead
And the world keeps turning
The Sandman comes, to keep me company

Repeat chorus