Andy Friedman & The Other Failures

Andy Friedman & The Other Failures


"Art-Edged Folk Song." --The New Yorker


The Brooklyn-based visual artist and songwriter Andy Friedman has made a name for himself over the last five years as a genre-bending, media-blending "erudite redneck" (BOSTON GLOBE), "winning over audiences" (SF WEEKLY) with his "art-edged folk song" (NEW YORKER).

Friedman's first studio album, "Taken Man" (City Salvage Records), presents ambitious new songs about art, wild dreams, and wanderlust. Produced by longtime crony, songwriter/guitarist, and label-mate Paul Curreri, the songs on "Taken Man" are well-crafted, insightful, and infused with a stark wit. This makes sense coming from a songwriter who is also a New Yorker cartoonist.

In addition to Curreri, the album includes special guest appearances by Jeffrey Foucault, Old Crow Medicine Show’s Ketch Secor, Devon Sproule, Natalia Zukerman, Kris Delmhorst, Melissa Ferrick and others.

The sound of Friedman's music is something between classic country and art-school indie. Friedman calls it "Art-Country," but one might also describe it as "Indie-Roadhouse." Paul Demko of the MINNEAPOLIS CITY PAGES dubbed Friedman "The King Of Art Country" and raves about the artist's "smart and engaging" lyrics. The songs are brave, free, and honest, exploring relationships between art, marriage, and wanderlust to great effect.

"'Taken Man' is an entertaining thought-provoking ride," says the popular music web blog SONGSILLINOIS.COM. "Friedman writes gems," proclaims the OBERLIN REVIEW.


Drawings & Other Failures (art/poetry book, City Salvage Records) 2001; Future Blues (art/poetry book, City Salvage Records) 2003; Live at the Bowery Poetry Club (CD, City Salvage Records) 2006; Taken Man (CD, City Salvage Records) current, 2006.

Set List

Typical set-list:

I Don't Want To Die Like Andy Kaufman, Self-Portrait In White-Knuckle Death Grip, Searchers (Brooklyn Boogie), Friedman Hollar, Take Me Home, Confusion, Pilot Light, Cheat With The Highway, Middletown, David Berman, Probably Shouldn't Call, So Long Sunshine (Done What I Can Do), Guys Like Me Don't Get Grants, Taken Man. (All songs written by Andy Friedman).

Occasional cover songs, but always a rendition: "Dust Blows Forward N' The Dust Blows Back" by Captain Beefheart, "Great Change Since I Been Born" by Reverend Gary Davis, "A Picture From Life's Other Side" by Hank Williams.

Typical headlining set length: One 70 - 90 minute set/One 25 - 45 set as opening act.