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Andy Gallagher & Overhaul

Millport, Scotland, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Millport, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Alternative




"Aldora Britain Records Interview"

I SHOULD'VE STAYED IN BED TODAY: Andy Gallagher talks to us about his new album with Overhaul! - Aldora Britain

"Paranoid Quote"

“YOUTUBE Paranoid Comment: Your sound kicks me in the head, real like it. - Chris Rocket (” - Chris Rocket via YouTube

"Cathouse show 2005"

......While he may have mistaken the Cathouse for a stripclub, he certainly knows a tune when he hears it. After a good two hours of thrash-induced indifference, Andy Gallagher & Overhaul take to the stage, and he's delighted. "Ten out of ten," he shouts, surprising managing to get the right number of digits in the air as Andy, overcome at the sudden adulation, bashfully expresses his graditude.

Equally surprising, the beer-stained miscreant's judgement is actually bang on; Set-opener 'Tied To The Tracks' is a feel-good stomp that sees the checked-shirted frontman bounce with visible energy while Overhaul drummer slips in behind with some inspired fills.

It sets out tonight's agenda - fast and furious rock workout with bareley a second in between to catch you breath. Tonight Andy Gallagher & Overhaul are all about instant shots of pure melody welded to bone-cracking music, and it's Scintillating.

If the titles of their songs suggest a prolonged spin in the emotional dryer - 'Dry Your Eyes' is a fair example - then 'Yeah! Like A Cartoon' is indicative of better times ahead. Set to another buzzsaw riff, it bounces pretty much like, er, a cartoon and sees Overhaul bassist mounting the drum riser, lost in it's energy.

'If I Break Down' has a similar vibrancy, something like the Foo Fighters in mellow, not to mention satisfyingly melodic, mood. It's a nice message of unity with someone who provides a shoulder to lean on in tougher times, whose "hug can fix me every time," and it sees everyone in the building involved in a big fuzzy embrace.

In fact, a few songs in and the most unlikely thing happens; the crowd, including members of the previous act, actually start dancing. Not in the usual manner though - they're waltzing like Andy Gallagher & Overhaul are the new Celtic crusaders fronting the nation's Hogmanay festivities.

A few more songs along is the catchy shout-a-rama of 'Just Don't Know'. Buried halfway through the set, it asks the question with the line, "I don't know my a** from my elbow." Thankfully , it's actually about the doubts that arise from attempting to trust someone who tells lies "to fill some void/that happends in your life." Featuring a nice instrumental breakdown reminiscent of 'Queens Of The Stone Age', it suggests that Andy Gallagher & Overhaul are far from afraid to step out of the shadows of their more obvious musical heroes. - Dave Walker - Largs & Millport

"Andy Gallagher & Overhaul REVVING UP FOR MUSIC SUCCESS"

Andy Gallagher & Overhaul are currently turning alot of heads on the Scottish music scene - and will soon be giving it the exact treatment their name promises.

Andy Gallagher from Millport, Scotland (originally from California, USA) has started to create a lot of interest on the live circuit, gaining a big fan base as well as industry admirers along the way.

Melodic rock

Describing themselves as melodic Rock with a hard edge, Andy Gallagher believes that the diverse sound has been the key to their success.

Certainly, Andy Gallagher & Overhaul have already played alot of major music venues in the UK, playing at venues such as King Tuts (Glasgow, Scotland), The Borderline (London, England), The Vicar Street (Dublin, Ireland) and beyond.

As Andy Gallagher cities such wide-ranging influences as The Stooges, Dinosaur Jr, Violent Femmes, and Neil Young but insists that these opposite ends of the musical spectrum are all entirely representative of his constantly evolving sound.

A fan of heavy metal before graduating to grunge, acoustic rock and alternative rock, it's easy to see why Andy refuses to be pigeonholed, fully aware of the straitjacket an established sound can place on a bands creativity.

"I don't want to be stuck in a genre" says Andy. "If you feel like doing an acoustic album then you should be able to do it."

The bottom line is simple: "I want to be remembered as a good songwriter."

Further added was that the bands sound could well take on more eclectic influcences in the future - the most important thing for Andy Gallagher & Overhaul is that they are free to do it.

The attitude continues to stand them in good stead; from the Self finaced recording of their debut album "Hope Shines Through"; which was released on indie label Mood Vertigo Recordings.

Two songs in particular off "Hope Shines Through" are already premiership stuff - the harmonica hoedown that is the Neil Young - like "Why?" and a heady Doors - style freak out simply titled "Lies" - both more than repay the faith shown in the band. - unknown

"Andy Gallagher / Boy Dirt Car Split Vinyl Release"

Scottish Independent Music Review:

“WOW…. This is one Hell of a Jekyll and Hyde album.”

This vinyl album see’s the latest works by Boy Dirt Car and Andy Gallagher. Two very different sounding artists that you would not think of putting together, but strangely works amazingly well on this release.

Boy Dirt Car’s side “Treacherous Young Witches” is an unnerving yet deeply satisfying 20 plus minute piece of Electro noise/alternative work, that would be an amazing soundtrack to a Sam Raimi, David Cronenberg, Guillermo Del Toro, Lucio Fulci or Ed Wood film. A really refreshing piece of work that will set your “Horror” imagination wild. We look forward to hearing more from Boy Dirt Car soon. 4 *’s outta 5.

Andy Gallagher’s side of the vinyl opens with the instantly memorable “I Should’ve Stayed In Bed Today” and features Mike Watt (Minutemen/Stooges) on bass. We guarantee it’s a song that’ll stick in your mind for the rest of your day. “Calm Before The Storm” and “If Only I Could” are straight out rockers that will be instant crowd pleasers. The closing track “The Warmth Of Your Love” is an acoustic track filled with Organ swells, soft harmonica and has the sound of a fire place throughout the whole track that really sets a definite mood for this well written love song. 4*’s outta 5. - Scottish Independent Music Review

"Andy Gallagher/Boy Dirt Car After Music Recordings release by Dead Formats Blog"

I started off this record with the Andy Gallagher side and upon listening to the first song I was a bit surprised. I didn't know what to expect from this label as this is my first encounter.

Mike Watt plays on the first track of this album, I Should Have Stayed in Bed Today, and it is a very catchy piece of indie type noise pop. The strongest track for sure. I think if Sebadoh, Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr are your hands down favorite type of music I think this may be for you. - Dead Formats

"Boy Dirt Car / Andy Gallagher Vinyl Release by Heathen Harvest"

Andy Gallagher is a bit of an odd-man-out for the label, both in terms of his style of music and his geographical location, being the first international artist to be released on the label and was born in the US to Mexican and Scottish parents. It’s unclear where Gallagher actually lives but it’s implied that he’s in Scotland. Gallagher has had several single releases as well as the album “Hope shines through” prior to this split, however, it appears that this is his most professional yet.

Gallagher’s side is some straight up old-fashioned alternative rock as influenced by the likes of Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr. Violent Femmes, etc. There’s little of Young’s folk influences to be found as most tracks are either pretty typical grooving radio rock or acoustic ballads with the exception of the opening track, “I should’ve Stayed in Bed Today”.

Obviously, for sake of argument, it needs to be said that Gallagher’s side of the split is not something that we would normally do a write-up for, however, the fact that these two artists can co-exist on the same release offers up the definition for what a split really is in its rawest form: simply two projects putting their music on opposite sides of one release. There was never any rule in place that said that genres had to be similar or the same, however, it seems unrealistic that many people out there would listen to one side and then flip to the other — which in itself is a fantastic example of what After Music Recordings claims to be all about. - Heathen Harvest

"Andy Gallagher After Music Recordings Press Release"

Split LP featuring 1st International rock artist joining the After Music
Recordings Scottish Andy Gallagher
Limited pressing of 300
Original artwork from Josh Mead and Astrid Young (Neil Young’s sister)

The LP features Andy Gallagher enlisting the help of Mike Watt
(MINUTEMEN), Mike Hoffman, Steve Summers and Graham Brown.
The instantly memorable opener “I Should’ve Stayed In Bed Today” is
reminiscent of a melancholy Grant Hart that wont leave your memory
anytime soon. This 4- song effort then merges into tracks touching Andy
Gallagher’s in?uences DINOSAUR JR, SEBADOH, NEIL YOUNG and
Sailor Jerry Rum.

A great testament to why Andy Gallagher has opened for Dinosaur Jr. - After Music Recordings

"Acoustic night at Brisbane Centre for the "proles"..."

Acoustic night at Brisbane Centre for the "proles"...

By Kevin Dyson

Acoustic guitars aren't just for grey-bearded Aran-sweatered folk - it's official!

The inaugural (and indeed last) "Acoustica for the Proles" concert pulled in all ages to the Brisbane Centre recently as eight young bands stripped back their music back to the bones, displaying the talent underneath.


Andy Gallagher, formerly of Largs and Millport, brought his band Overhaul for something of a homecoming gig. Being American, his upbeat pop-rock brought to mind the early 90s, and he won't me saying, particularly Dinosaur Jnr. With no consideration for current trends, just good songs and passion, their set was one of the highlights. - Kevin Dyson

"Milwaukee Rock Examiner"

The internet, we all love to hate it when it interferes with our daily lives. We all love it , "on the line," when we can make music, friends, and world wide collaborations become possible and real. I had one of those days last week. I was scheduled to interview the U.K's very own Andy Gallagher. Skype was having a bad day. Andy and I, by the convenience of instant message, decided to utilize Google Drive and conduct an interview via text format.

Take a trip with me from Scotland all the way to The Great Lakes. Read and learn how music can intertwine all of our lives.

Here is a beautiful love story between music and time, across oceans and wires -Intertwined ~

-Kellie Levans-Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner- - Kellie Levans


Still working on that hot first release.




Singer/songwriter Andy Gallagher was born in California to Mexican/Scottish parents. Growing up between America and the U.K., Andy is a truly transatlantic talent!

Growing up he was influenced by the likes of Dinosaur Jr, Neil Young, Violent Femmes, Soul Asylum and Sebadoh, Andy began song writing and performing and soon came to the attention of veteran music manager Darren Brown. Andy barely had time to re-string his guitar, before he recorded his debut album Hope Shines Through and was opening for touring bands such Dinosaur Jr, Langhorne Slim, The Tracie Hunter Band and Dom Brown (Duran Duran). He was also given the honour of opening for the Violent Femmes on their 25th Anniversary Tour in Ireland.

It was after a show in Ireland that Andy and Violent Femmes drummer, Victor DeLorenzo, decided to embark on a recording project of their own. Victor then drafted in his long time friend Mike Hoffmann of Semi Twang and E*I*E*I*O* fame who took up bass duties to become part of the project. The guys met up in Milwaukee, hit the studio and recorded an album in a little under 9 days. Then, as it became time for the final mastering to be done, the trio could only think of one place in the world this could happen Abbey Road Studios! So it was there that the album Here and There received its finishing magical touch, by engineering supremo, Alex Wharton and was officially released on Mood Vertigo Recordings in 2009.

The following year (2010) Andy was contacted by Minneapolis based Micro Label After Music Recordings to record a limited Edition Split Vinyl album, so Andy accepted and recorded the 4 tracks at Cava Sound Studios and his home.

In the Summer of 2011 Andy was given the tremendous honor/opportunity to play bass for one of his biggest influences, Gordon Gano. His new band Gordon Gano & The Ryans had UK festival/club tour booked and need a bassist. So he happily accepted and enjoyed every last minute of the tour.

Andy has put the final touches on his 4th studio album Achukma and contacted a few friends to help him out with the recording and had Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes), Joey Huffman (Soul Asylum), Mike Watt (The Stooges/Minutemen), Astrid Young (Neil Young), Brendan and Billy Ryan (The Bogmen/Gordon Gano & The Ryans), Steve Summers (EIEIO), Mike Hoffmann (Semi Twang) and Julia Francis to contribute to the release. Achukma was released on the 28th Nov 13 and will be touring throughout 2014 to help promote his new album.

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