Andy Gordon

Andy Gordon

 Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, AUS

Australian singer/songwriter/storyteller performing beardy-country, sparse alternate folk, americana.


Purveyor of sparse alternate folk, beardy country and grand finalist 2013 Australian MusicOz Awards World/Folk Genre, for Andy Gordon it's all about open space, the story, the words, the song, and the living and the making of music. You could place his music somewhere between Buddy Miller and Mary Gauthier or if you were looking for an Australian equivalent then something like Colin Hay’s best solo material.

In 2009 he released his debut independent solo album. Written in the solar-powered house he and his partner built in Kangaroo Valley and recorded in nearby Nowra with producer Ben Moore (David Lane, Liz Martin) the album has ten richly recorded songs of happiness and confusion, love and loss, a personal polaroid of life’s rich pageant. Described by Jeff Apter, (Metro, SMH), an album of smart lyrics and breezy melodies, he taps into the minutiae of everyday life and elevates it far beyond the mundane. By Chris Peken, (Alternative Media Group), an album that continues to provide joy with each listen. What more can you ask for?

The Reverent Jorfy, released March 2013, is a play on his nom de plume. A collaboration with Syd Green, (Stiff Gins, TonkSGreen, iOTA). The songs are complex lyrical journeys, deliberately ambiguous they allow the listener to form any number of conclusions as to what may be their actual meaning. From the very start of the album you are invited into what seems like a secret world, an intimate space. Described by Jeff Apter, (SMH), as "...uniformly strong, he may have invented a whole new genre: architectural acoustica" and by John Hardaker, (MegaphoneOz), “...woody, warm performances, a sublime collection of acoustic flavoured songs that all seem wise beyond their years – sympathetically recorded and produced by Syd Green, a producer who always seems to get it so right”. 

The Reverent Jorfy is available on 12" Vinyl release and on iTunes and all the other digital stores.

The new EP, Black Sea, released March 2014, “feels like friendly company. His moody voice fills space and leaks into the ears of the listener like the sweet words of a trusted friend. One who understands and repeats your words back in his eloquent style. Listeners will hold onto Black Sea once they hear it, wishing that the too short six songs would somehow become twelve. Comforting and stylistically vast, misery will like Black Sea for company and so will several other emotions”. Sarah Pritchard, (Alternative Media Group).

Black Sea is available on iTunes and all the other digital stores.

Andy is writing songs for album four which will be released worldwide August 2015


Breelong Black

Written By: Andy Gordon,Sydney Green, Sydney Green

So I'm leaving, I done some wrong
Can I take my soul along
I'd make it up if they'd let me be
I think it's beyond hope for me

I only know how to fight
Can't make a wrong into a right
I see it all now, second sight
I hear their howls out in the night

Breelong Black
I can hide in the tracks
Running as fast as the crow flies
Breelong Black
Bring it on back
I'll be at the gallows for dinner
I'll be at the gallows

He got out of a temper and he saw red
He took his axe to Miss Mawbey's head
He cut her down in a fit of rage
They denied him a decent wage

My young Ethel, my brother Joe
We run as far as we can go
200 horses, 2000 men
Couldn't find this one bad man

Breelong Black
I'm gettin’ em back
Saying “no business marrying a white girl”
Breelong Black
Out on the track
I'll see you at the gallows this evening
I'll see you at the gallows

Breelong Black
Leaving no tracks
Spreading flour on the floorboards
Breelong Black
Blood on the tracks
I'll be at the gallows for dinner
I'll be in heaven for dinner

Back in 1901
3 long months out on the run
Jimmy Governor and brother die
They still walk as a crow flies

Let It Go

Written By: Andy Gordon,Sydney Green

If you’re smiling
My heart sings
If you’re saying
Hurtful things
I’ll let it go

When we’re lying In our bed
With our own thoughts
In our heads
Let it go

In the cold dawn
A morning frost
If we lay in
What would it cost
To let it go

Outside the world wakes
And all its stuff
We’ll let it slide by
We have enough
So let it go

You are living on a ledge
Take a big leap
Off the edge
And let it go

Could be your sister
Your brother
My father
My mother
Just let em go
Just let em go.

I’ll take his ashes
No more fire
I’ll spread him round here
On the quiet
And let him go now
No more fight
I’ll spread him round here
On the quiet


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