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"Andyhasaband's (2008 Demo)"
1.) New Ground
2.) Where Do I Sign?
3.) Clouds



And now for a brief history...
ANDYHASABAND began as an solo-project with an ironic name, starring a young songwriter and guitarist from Westfield, Massachusetts named Andy Payne. Under the moniker, 'ANDYHASABAND', he made a name for himself touring the western Mass open mic circuit at places like The Tea Pot Gallery and The Southwick Inn. Playing now-classic songs such as 'New Ground' and 'Clouds' helped him develop a strong stage presence, as well as a passionate fanbase. Given Payne's background in local rock and punk bands, ANDYHASABAND performances command attention, filled with an energy and charisma audiences have said 'is hard not to watch'. After various appearance at local rock shows, opening for bands like Creepin Cadavers and The Smokey Wambas - shows put on by Trickstah Productions - it was time for the sound to develop.

Enter Russell Fortin. A musical wiz, talented on multiple instruments, Russ was more than happy to pick up the bass guitar for ANDYHASABAND, providing needed balance, insight, and exuberance. The duo moved quickly, practicing often and developing their sound. Soon, they were versatile enough to be able to play all kinds of shows, from opening slots for bands like Us Against The Archers, to their now-famous 2-hour long acoustic sets at local cafes and bars. Still, the guys were hearing a bigger sound.

The guys called on their good friend Handsome Al Cadaver (of Creepin Cadavers fame) who graciously agreed to help record a quality demo. Fortin was able to be a one-man rhythm section, playing drums and bass on the songs. ANDYHASABAND released this 3-song demo as a free giveaway to everyone who wanted a taste of what the band had to offer. After 5 months, they'd given more than 200 copies to new and old fans of all ages.

The drums were the key, the last piece the guys needed to round their sound out, to truly represent the energy and music found on their popular demo. Handsome Al Cadaver, knowing the songs back and forth by now was able to sit in on a few sets, but ANDYHASABAND needed a permanent drummer. Enter Amy Barnes, a friend from high school and talented musician, whose personality seemed to fit the guys' dynamic perfectly. A hunger for all things music, but for playing in particular, Amy proved to be a fast learner, and after 4 brief practices, was able to play an hour's worth of songs, more than enough for any average set.

ANDYHASABAND's now-solidified line-up debuted on St. Patrick's Day 2009, at First-N-Ten in Springfield, MA, opening for The Capps. The performance was met with rave reviews by all in attendance, and the band is now looking forward to a slew of upcoming shows and a long-awaited new record on the horizon.