Andy Henningsen

Andy Henningsen


A soothing, soulful, honest voice over riff-based guitar work, with lyrics that exemplify imagery and honesty, combine to create unique, fresh, yet timless songs tha will silence any audience and then hurl them into an emotional, lound and passionate uproar. I write and perform tomorrows best music.


I am a performer with timeless, thoughful songs to back up my strong performance skills. Sophisticated lyrics and guitar work, along with a pretty, soothing voice is what I hear from the people who value my music. I am influenced by a wide range of music, exluding hard rock and country. One of my main influences is Dave Matthews because of his unique songwriter, not so much his singing. There is somewha of an old soul that comes out of my songs and creaes vivid imagery. My great, great, great, great grandfather, Franz Gruber, wrote the music to the classic Christmas Carol Silent Night, which reaffirmed my love and passion for music. As an frequently doubting Christian, at this point in my life, I sometimes feel the only thing that still gives me faith are the harmonies in the bridge of "Wouldn't it Be Nice," or the repetition of the strings in "Just My Imagination." I don't play for fame or money as much as I play because I can't get away from music to live the lifestyle I dreamed of before I first picked up the alto sax in fifth grade and turned a horrid squeek into a melody.


Game Time at The Mansion

Written By: Andy Henningsen

She Pulled a nine from the deck
and pulled out her chest
and said, "Is this the way tha I bet?
Well I'm a good soul with no self control and if you play your cards right, I won't object.

The drugs in her fingers are making a pledge.
It's not every day you find a love as swet as regret.
And I trace the lines at the top of her thighs and wish for one night tha I could lie. . .


2009 EP Noteworthy Features, which was titled after choosing six noteworthy, original songs from my much larger repetoire.

"Tejon Street" is my first single, which revisits my time playing on the street one night, where a beautiful girl spent hours listening to me, which ending up greatly benefitting me because several men tipped me handsomely in an attempt to impress my admirer.

Set List

I often play a wine bars and steakhouses for hours becuase I have a very soothing voice and over 40 original songs. When I play a concert, the expericne involves even more passion and what many have said a little bit of a comedic experience in between songs. I love to perform and prefer a setting where I am given the opportunity to bel out high notes when the song climaxes and talk to my audience in beween songs when the time is perfect.