Andy Kuncl

Andy Kuncl


Brooklyn based Alternative Dance and Pop artist with a slight southern accent.
Musik/Dance/Love is the culmination of 13 years of spiritual, intellectual and musical growth since Andy Kuncl’s last album. It'll make you dance, remember love found and lost, smile, sigh, feel connected and human.


As a young boy, Andy Kuncl would come home from boys choir rehearsals and spend hours recording himself singing three part harmonies on his boombox, teaching himself how to play Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, and Harry Connick Jr. songs on the piano, and learning all the dance moves to Janet Jackson and Madonna videos.

It's no surprise the multi-talented North Carolina-raised artist found his calling as a singer-songwriter, dancer, and music producer.

At the age of 19, inspired by the unique style of Ani DiFranco, and the loss of his grandmother, Andy picked up a guitar and began what would become a successful career as an acoustic singer-songwriter. Over the next five years Andy toured extensively on the East Coast and recorded 2 full-length albums, Too Quickly (1998) and Who I Am (1999). In 1999, Andy won first place at the annual N. Carolina Songwriters Competition. This phase in Andy's musical career culminated in what would ultimately be a disillusioning experience with Trans Continental Records (shortly before their legal woes). Pursuing a different passion all together, Andy spent the next 10 years cultivating his interests in organic farming, food politics, and his dance career.

Transitioning from organic farmer in N. Carolina to San Franciscan, Andy performed as a dancer in film ('Maggots and Men'), with the hip-hop dance company Loose Change, internationally renowned 'Trannyshack!', and with acclaimed choreographer Ronald K. Brown (Evidence) at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

During this time Andy continued to write new songs and independently developed his skills as a music producer, as well as completing his certification as an audio engineer from SoundArts (SF, CA).

In July 2010 Andy moved to New York City where he has collaborated and performed with artists such as Chino Maurice, Crimson, and Margaux Reynolds. Andy currently lives in Brooklyn and released his studio EP Musik/Dance/Love spring 2012.


3/20/2012 Musik/Dance/Love (EP)
11/22/2011 Everlong (Single) (Foo Fighters Cover)
02/24/2011 No More Heroes (Single) (Crimson Featuring Andy Kuncl)
04/27/2010 Do That To Me One More Time (Single)
02/09/2010 Live At Eddie's Attic (EP)
08/23/1999 Who I Am (LP)
02/24/1998 Too Quickly (LP)

Set List

Tried 2 Resist
Better Than This
On The Now
Fall Away
In Your Arms
Addicted 2 My Love
Thank You
Moon Song
Wanting You
Your Love Awaits