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Peace Of Mind

Written By: Andy LaVerne

Hard to find, Peace of Mind
In these troubled times
But if you look inside you'll find your Peace of Mind.

Feel your best, get some rest
And relieve the stress
All this can help your quest for
Peace of Mind in your time, then

Just envision
Peace as a religion
When the world prays
Peace will fill all your days and then

No more war, as before
We can live in peace
With this applied we will find
Peace of Mind in our time.

Once you find, Peace of Mind
You will be at ease
And when you're faced with trouble
It will be a breeze

Free of fear, you'll appear
Peaceful and serene
Your inner glow will light the way wherever you go, so,

When, you're dreaming
Peaceful thoughts are streaming
Then, when you wake
Peace on earth will you make, and so

Those who find, Peace of Mind
And an inner strength
Can light the way for those who
Seek some Peace for their Mind.