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"Andy Lee Stephens Take a ride"

I try to get around myspace as much as I can to find new music. That's how I found a lot of good bands and musicians when I was doing local music exclusively, and myspace is probably still one of the best places to find that talent that just hasn't made it to the masses....Yet
I was looking around the other day, and ran across Andy Lee Stephens song "Take A Ride". Its a pretty simple song, no ground-breaking production or anything, but its a solid tune, and Stephens seems to fit the song. Its believable, and that's something I don't find near-enough in mainstream country music.
So go check out Andy Lee Stephens over on his website or myspace.
You never know when you'll be able say "I heard him before he was a star" about a talented artist. With songs like "Take A Ride", Andy Lee Stephens could be that guy.

March 21,2009 - The Georgia

"Critic's Picks. Must See Shows Over the Next Two Weeks"

Mixing his own origionals with a vast catalog of covers, ALS labors to balance his live shows between powerful personal music and house-shaking hits that any crowd could recognize. One of any number of country-rock mix bands, ALS is different from many other bands in that the members aren't just hand selected to bring the most to each show, the're also good friends and that delicate relationship shines in through in their music.

By Kylan Swain - The 11th Hour

"Wyyz Radio"

"Andy Lee Stephens songwriting and musical styling is a refreshing new take on todays country music." - Matt Youngblood


We have Just released our first LP entitled "Learning to Live" and are now starting to promote the CD and single nationally this year.



The Andy Lee Stephens Band puts on a high energy show with a diverse repertioire that appeals to audiences of all ages and all sizes. ALSB is comprised of a hand selected group of top musicians based out of Atlanta, Georgia. With Andy Lee as the front man of this tremendously talented group, the sky is the limit as to what they will achieve.

The Andy Lee Stephens Band has experience entertaining at venues varying from small intimate settings to being the main attraction at fairs and festivals throughout the U.S. A recent highlight for the band was performing for the U.S. Military at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Andy Lee made his mark in Nashville when he was named the winner of "Nashville Star" for the state of Georgia. In 2007 a record deal was signed with Viking Lodge Music, an independent label out of Atlanta, Georgia. The debut cd entitled "Learning to Live" is receiving excellent reviews and steadily gaining popularity.

ALSB has more than 300 songs in their diverse repertoire which includes works by artists such as Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts,John Melloncamp,Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, James Taylor, Lynard Skynard,Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Alabama, Rod Stewart, Lonestar and many more as well as the orignial songs off the "Learning to Live" cd written by Andy Lee.

Local session musician Bill Whitford considers The Andy Lee Stephens Band an example of, “today’s country,” characterizing Andy Lee as “a combination of Keith Urban and Bon Jovi, a great performer and writer.” Dennis Ellerbee calls The Andy Lee Stephens Band, “energetic and exciting,” adding that Andy Lee, “writes and sings from the heart.”