Andy Liechty

Andy Liechty


Andy Liechty is a singer songwriter who has recently finished recording his first solo album entitled "volume one." This album contains 12 songs written over the last 3 years. The album is Andy's tribute of sorts to artist that have come before him. You can hear traces of Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan over acoustic instumentation. Andy Liechty will be playing a series of dates over the next year in support of the album and hopes to see you at a show soon!!


Andy Liechty is a multi instrumentalist singer songwriter who stays true to his roots honoring his hero's in every performance. He draws from a wide variety of influences ranging from Hank Williams to Waylon Jennings to Elvis Presley to Peal Jam to Neil Young. While every artist says their music is hard to fit into a genre, Andy's recent recording show definite traces of Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Andy's strong points are his live performances where he rarely works with a setlist. He plays by feeling for the room, taking request if someone shouts one out, or mostly just playing by feeling for what the room wants at that time. Andy is looking forward to supporting his album "Volume One" later this year and hopes to see you at a show real soon.


Andy Liechty Volume One is now available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Emusic, and a number of other online retailers. This album was recorded in the Spring and Summer of 2012 and was released officially on August the 2nd, 2012.

Andy Liechty Volume One track listing

1. Me Being Me
2. The Picture Song
3. The Cupid Song
4. Can't Make You Love Me
5. Vanished in the Wind
6. Maybe Someday
7. Like Love
8. Please Come to Snellville
9. The Rainy Day Song
10. Last One to Know
11. Dinner Alone
12. Graveyard of Our Love

This October, we will also be releasing a Christmas song through digital retails. The song is simply called the Christmas song. Be on the lookout for that!

Set List

Original songs
The Picture song
Graveyard of our Love
Can't make you Love Me
Vanished In the Wind
Maybe Someday
The Cupid Song
Dinner Alone
Last One to Know
Stood Up
The Christmas Song

Cover Songs
Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys
Devil's Right Hand
All of Me
Suspicious Minds
Little Sister
Pancho and Lefty
Can't Help Falling In Love
Last Kiss
Last Dance With Mary Jane
Won't Back Down
Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes
Southern Accent
Long Black Veil
Georgia on a Fast Train
Ramblin' Man
Live Forever
Walk the Line
Ring of Fire
The Letter
I Saw the Light
Hey good Looking