Andy Matchett & The Monorail

Andy Matchett & The Monorail



Andy Matchett is a Subdivision of a Great City.
John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Neil Young plotted the land for this City. Dave Grohl, Rivers Cuomo and Billy Corgan built it's structures. Tim Kinsella, David Bazan and Chan Marshall gave it's existence new purpose and direction. Today, taken over and split in two by rival dictators Pitchfork and Clear Channel, this once great metropolis has found it's streets overrun with strangers and riff-raff....... Meanwhile, Andyland, founded in 1980 and declared a legitimate bourough in 1996, lies watchful and weary just on the edge of town. The Monorail runs out into the City and back to Andyland, taking it's odd and peacful little citizens to work and bringing them back home safe to their families.


Three For Thee (EP) - 2007
Visit Pell Mell (Split LP) - 2005
A Whole New City (EP) - 2002
Meta-Analysis (LP) - 1999

Set List

Sets run, on average, 45 minutes.
Usually a solo set is sandwiched between two full-band sets.
*Too Much Happiness
*Last Minute Love Song
*(I'll See You On) Monday
*Blind Owl
*No One Wants to Hear This