Andy McGarvey

Andy McGarvey


Singer/Songwriter who concentrates on catchy, short folk/country & pop music


Experienced Performer,Been writing songs for many years, initally pop, have since moved into folk & country but still maintain a catchy pop mentality. Have played at Wickerman Festival, Celtic Connections & many major venues in and around Scotland. Having been a single parent for many years, freedom to move around has been limited, but as kids are all grown up now, more free time is available, My influences include Neil Finn, Richard Thompson, John Lennon, Elvis Costello, Brill Building, Bruce Sprinsteen.


I have never had a commercial release, although did recieve airplay in Australia a little while back. Some of my home recordings can be found on myspace

Set List

Can fill about an hour Acoustically, although prefer 30-45mins, also know many cover songs old & new as I play & sing in a covers band, to help pay the bills.

Whistlefield, Second Best, Brunel, Gone, You'll lye with me, The Blackening, Kings & Queens, Missing, Maybe we won't go to Heaven, Too Long Down That River, Had it with the World Outside, Infinite Love.