andy mcwilliams

andy mcwilliams

 Highlands, Texas, USA

my music has been described as soundtrack-ish, and driven by specific memories. i generally draw from all genres of music for inspiration, from tom waits to jon brion, and gustav mahler to kanye west.


andy mcwilliams, is best known for his work as an multi-instrumentalist producer/engineer with the houston indie pop outfit, "The Scattered PAGES", and his electric guitar work with Joe West & the Sinners, and Lisa Novak, has begun to release his solo records through Three Ring Records. the Shoegazer EP is out now!

"JawboxeR" was released on December 7, 2010 via Island/DefJam digital distribution. Always busy, the next two solo records are underway. all instruments are played by mcwilliams, and recorded in his home studio in highlands, texas called "the ATTIC".

at the moment i'm recruiting band members for "ABOVE GROUND POOLS",... a band of heathens that center around live looping.

generally, the music swarms up from nowhere to create a symphony like background for melody and or vocals.
influences include: tom waits, jon brion, gustav mahler, elliott smith, bill frisell, marc ribot, kanye west, fiona apple, jimmie dale gilmore, wilco, and a ton of others...



Written By: andy mcwilliams


the house, the smell
the way down the trail
to the stream, a dream it seemed

the sun, the wind
the way it was back then
tonight i'm miles away

theres no train on its way
that'll take me away
from these tracks today

we knew it'd come to this
your cold face and tangled hair
your shoes will turn up somewhere

theres no train on its way
that'll take me away
from these tracks today

from a world above

Written By: andy mcwilliams

wouldn't you want to see
that progress' been made internally?
after some time will one of us
do one a favor and let some things go

could you look at things,
the way they were and looking forward to saying

hello my love,
hello my girl,
from a world below

some day from a far,
a light will shine down coming your way
through a daughter's eyes (from me)
i'm just someone who wanted to be
whatever it is that you need,
but you've gotta say the same words to me

hello my love,
hello my boy,
from a world above


The Shoegazer Ep is available on cd and digital download through three ring records,

Set List

typical sets include mostly original material, with the occasional tom waits or elliott smith cover thrown in.