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Andy Miller




Well, I've lived all over the West Coast and I'm currently residing in Portland, OR. I've played guitar since I was six and I'm most influenced by John Fahey and his contemporaries. In regards to musicians that have influenced me, Tom Waits and David Bowie have affected me the most. Tom's music has opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities of characters, narrative and cross-genre work, whereas Bowie has influenced my views on the roll of the album as a whole. The role of atmosphere in John Fahey's work has also had a huge impact on the production qualities of my work.
I should probably let it be known that Bruce Springsteens' album "Nebraska" has also influenced me immensely. On the album, so much is done with so little. I strive to create a similar feel in my own work.


Hey Boy

Written By: Andy Miller

"Hey Boy," and so it all began. "Don't spread yourself to thin or you might find yourself in a sticky situation." Without hesitating, I said, "As for me, just let it be. I'm drifting along." All I packed were the songs my grandpa sang when he used to ride the trains and a pen. I headed West, through forests and desert rains, cities upon high plains to sing the songs my grandpa sang to me...just let it be, I'm drifting along. Nobody wants to hear his broken songs of yesteryear so I packed my bags and headed out again. Now I sing..."Hey boy," the same voice said again. "You know you spread yourself too thin and you're in that situation."

Dancing on a Stranger's Grave

Written By: Andy Miller

Down by the river beneath the stones. Down by the river I found them bones. I told my grandma and she said "oh, quit telling stories, you're far too old." So I played with them bones all summer long. I told the father and he said, "Son, if you've got a confession then confess it. What have you done?" I told the teacher and he said, "Student, school season's over and the summer's here. Get Get Get." So I played with them bones all sumer long.


"We Are Glass"--Self-Released LP.

Set List

"Hey, Boy" "The Cliffs of Nova Scotia" "I left my Heart in San Francisco and I Want it Back" "Marching and Sparkling" "The Drunk Ballerina" "Sing a Song for You" (Tim Buckley cover) "Dancing on a Strangers Grave"