Ramblin' Andy and the See Ya Laters
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Ramblin' Andy and the See Ya Laters

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Americana


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music Up Close, June 2010"

Andy Miller, a roots musician who combines a wide range of acoustic genres in what he calls Junkyard Jazz.

Learning to play guitar at six from old country tunes, he dipped into punk, fronting the Washington state punk band The Nitwits, as a teenager, and eventually played in a number of jazz and roots bands when he was in his late teens while he studied jazz. He even played as country and bluegrass as Cowboy Sunset. Moving to Oregon in 2009, Andy founded The Red Dakota Revival Show, and then cross the country again to NYC where he’s combining a lot of the experiences he had with these bands into his solo act, where he sings and plays guitar and harmonica. His music is a unique sausage, ground of the best cuts of these styles and packaged in a raw roots format. Andy has two discs out: We Think You Think Too Much About Thinking–Red Dakota Revival Show (2009) and Photographs of the Sun LP (2009).
- Skope Magazine

"Starving Artist Radio: June Edition"

In this episode, Johnny talks to professional L.A.R.P.er Ethan Runco about his web series “The Year of The Butterfly,” discusses apartment gardens, worm farms and more. With music by Andy Miller, Texting Mackenzie, OverDose and The Cellophane Flowers. The last song is the new track from The Books. - Starving Artist Guide

"Best New Bands Ballots and Winners"

Nominated for best new band 2009 - Willamette Week

"Local Music Spotlight"

KINK.fm local music spotlight June 19, 2009
http://www.kink.fm/pages/4628750.php? - Kink.fm

"Photographs of the Sun Review"

"Miller has created a catchy, endearing folk tune that starts as a portrait of a family member that turns into a self-portrait. The anti-heroes here are two restless spirits in search of a home."

"a songwriter with an intriguing if not pretty voice"

read review in it's entirety at www.wildyworld.blogspot.com. - Wildy's World

"What the fans are saying!"

From Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars music for the blues when you don't want to listen to the blues, October 28, 2009

By Simone Taylor "sparkles" (Portland, OR USA) - See all my reviews

Great album--strong voice and interesting guitar work. The stylings are reminiscent of bluegrass, but with a much harder feel. The harmonica is a great touch. Sounds like music from the past, but I can't think of when. Or maybe music of the future, after something horrible has happened and we're stranded in the dark ages, alone and without electricity, huddled beneath blankets and hiding in abandoned boxcars. The covers are phenomenal. Really interesting take on Make Me Down a Pallet on Your Floor. Reminds me of skeletons and swigging bourbon in the summertime while sitting on the porch.

This album is amazing!, November 1, 2009
By J. Linnell (New York, NY)

Andy Miller's music is such a joy. The mix of stand-out technical skill, great story telling and strong emotion makes each song stand out in its own way. There is a very real quality to his singing that makes it seem like he's right there in the room with you. I really enjoy this album and I can't wait to hear more from Andy Miller!

totally awesome, November 1, 2009

By Adam D. Miller (Los Angeles, CA) - S

that just about sums it up. the album is rad, especially if you like folk and blues inspired singer/song writer music. He plays the guitar beautifully. It's recorded in a slightly echoing/ambient feel which fuses the music with a "live" energy, and amps up the emotion in his songs. Download this sucka!

From iTunes:

Strong Debut Album

by restorationbot

Andy Miller once lived in Portland, Oregon and played in a rock and roll band. Now he lives in New York and plays old time folky bluesish country. Somehow, it isn't as different as one would think. He is still exploring the primal sounds of American music, and his guitar work is still interesting as all hell. He employs a flatpicking technique similar to older artists, the Carter Family comes to mind, but the songs have a vibe. As a result, it seems like a new country-blues. It is at once familiar, but then it becomes clear that there's nothing quite like it. I would recommend it for fans of country, blues and folk.

From Jango:

Saturday November 14 2009 01:49 PM

“ fresh sound................i like it i like it............ ”
Friday November 13 2009 08:28 PM
“ pleasing ”

Thursday November 12 2009 11:02 AM
“ Love the melody."

- Amazon, iTunes, Jango


Photographs of the Sun LP--Andy Miller (2009)

We Think You Think Too Much About Thinking--Red Dakota Revival Show (2009)



Andy Miller is rambling man in the traveling sense (and not in the never-shuts-up sense). His musical tastes run the gamut and he's explored a variety of genres in his long career as a guitar player and songwriter. Armed with his trusty archtop guitar, Andy asked Janet to join up on the flute. It was an obvious choice since they had already lived together and played music together for years. Their chemistry is undeniable and she keeps him from delving too deeply into obscure blues and gospel covers. Next, Andy asked Jef to give the buckets a try, and that worked so well that Jef also picked up the washboard and various other percussion instruments. Rich rounds out the group with banjo.

In their initial year of working together, they fortified their set list with several new original songs, as well as some well-loved covers. Having an energetic acoustic act has remained the primary goal of their music - to get their audiences up and dancing and interacting and having a good time. "You don't need electricity to rock." They've continued bringing their rowdy romp to the streets of New York and playing the hell out of clubs since day one.