Ramblin' Andy and the See Ya Laters

Ramblin' Andy and the See Ya Laters

 New York City, New York, USA

Ramblin' Andy & the See Ya Laters are an original old-time country
band that specializes in a high energy, rowdy romp that will get you,
your grandfolks, and all the teenie-weenie
babies dancing.


Andy Miller is rambling man in the traveling sense (and not in the never-shuts-up sense). His musical tastes run the gamut and he's explored a variety of genres in his long career as a guitar player and songwriter. Armed with his trusty archtop guitar, Andy asked Janet to join up on the flute. It was an obvious choice since they had already lived together and played music together for years. Their chemistry is undeniable and she keeps him from delving too deeply into obscure blues and gospel covers. Next, Andy asked Jef to give the buckets a try, and that worked so well that Jef also picked up the washboard and various other percussion instruments. Rich rounds out the group with banjo.

In their initial year of working together, they fortified their set list with several new original songs, as well as some well-loved covers. Having an energetic acoustic act has remained the primary goal of their music - to get their audiences up and dancing and interacting and having a good time. "You don't need electricity to rock." They've continued bringing their rowdy romp to the streets of New York and playing the hell out of clubs since day one.


A Place to Rest My Weary Head

Written By: Andy Miller

Just a song and dance man, standing on the corner to entertain.
Lied about his age so long, he forgot his own birthday.
Plays an old pawn shop guitar, sings even older songs,
Some people call him crazy, I call him Uncle Paul.

When I was five, he first stepped in our lives.
Just spent eighteen months in prison.
I never found out why.
My parents helped him up, tried to get him on his feet.
His eyes were gray when he felt wise, turned green when he felt mean.

For six months, he was nothing but smiles, but late August the man wild.
Packed up his things and headed East.
The following spring I got a letter that reads:
I'm searching for a place to rest my weary head.

Now I share my uncle's curse, but I wear mine with pride.
Like a taylor made tweed jacket with a fancy silk necktie.
And I know when.
Sometimes I know why.
This coming fall, I'm gonna have to wave goodbye.

Dancing on a Stranger's Grave

Written By: Andy Miller

Down by the river beneath the stones
Down by the river I found the bones
I told my grandma and she said oh
Quit telling stories you're far too old

so I played with them bones all summer long

I told the father and he said son
You've got a confession, then confess it.
What have you done?
I told the teacher and he said student
School season is over, get get get

so I played with them bones all summer long, down by the river.

Kazoo Song

Written By: Andy Miller

We used to race our bikes in the green ravine,
down the narrow trails past the ferns and pine trees--
wind whistling in our ears and after it rained a creek would appear in the joint where the two hills converged
there was an island and so we made a fort
one day a dead opossum appeared with a wicked grin, evil tail, I was scared

and oh, I wanna go home,
oh, I wanna go home
and it's been so long,
I wanna go home

Well, they surveyed the land and fell all the trees
Paved the trails, build a planned community
I suppose they disposed of the dead possum
The town was growing and so was I
and I guess it was only a matter of time
before they build that outlet mall

and oh, I wanna go home
oh, I wanna go home
it's been so long,
I wanna go home

When I came of age I left my hometown
For the city to see what was really going on
Cuz in that burned valley, everything could grow except for me
So I packed my bags and boarded a bus
San Francisco or bust
But the city didn't suit my needs and I guess that's why I'm still rambling

Oh, I wanna go home
Oh, I wanna go home
but it's been so long
That it's gone too


Photographs of the Sun LP--Andy Miller (2009)

We Think You Think Too Much About Thinking--Red Dakota Revival Show (2009)

Set List

Sample of Originals:
1) Buffalo Nickel
2) Cold Calling Blues
3) Down By The River
4) Formative Years
5) Rosie's Gone
6) On The A Train
7) The Old Motel
8) My Troubles Will End
9) Burnt Valley

Sample of Covers:
1) Hobo's Meditation (Jimmie Rodgers)
2) Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Skip James)
3) Make Me Down a Pallet on Your Floor (Missippi John Hurt)
4) Sixteen Tons (Merle Travis)
5) Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey)
6 My Rough and Rowdy Ways (Jimmie Rodgers)
7) In The Jailhouse Now (Jimmie Rodgers)
8) Long Black Veil (Lefty Frizzell)
9) Sloop John B (Beach Boys)