Great tunes. Usually a good melody. Always some kind of hook. Good lyrics. Genre? No idea. Sometimes synth pop, sometimes club, often just piano and vocals. Andynista can be a lot of things.


Andynista has his roots in new wave 80's music, but even though Depeche Mode might be an obvious reference, influences come from all over the place, from The Beatles and The Beach Boys in the 60s, trough Neil Young and Sparks in the 70s to 90s grunge and brit pop.

Despite all influences, Andynista has a distinct style in both melody and lyric that makes him instantly identifiable. He is a good performer and has a relaxed attitude on stage. In his performance he likes to throw in some well chosen covers, to please the crowd.

Andynista has been making electronic pop music for nearly twenty years. After a few years of more instrumental stuff he has now started writing more classic pop songs again.