The Andy Pizzo Project

The Andy Pizzo Project

 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

The Andy Pizzo Project combines jazz and funk styles to create a tasteful, intelligent product that is sure to get heads bopin'. The band plays a variety of original compositions and funk standards.


Andy Pizzo is an established trombonist in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans areas who strives to be at his best, no matter what the gig calls for. Whether playing along the Gulf Coast or getting an opportunity to play in New York City, Andy brings the trombone to the forefront of whatever band he is performing with. He performs in several bands of various styles; jazz, funk, latin, rock, blues, classical, etc. What makes his playing unique is when he combines his natural trombone sound with the effects of a series of guitar pedals. He brings this out especially in his own band, "THE ANDY PIZZO PROJECT". Andy does many things within his musical career: leading bands, being a featured soloist, being a studio recording artist, performing as a lead trombone player, being a section trombone player, as a private instrumental tutor, and his day job as a middle school band director. There is a much deeper biography on ANDY PIZZO on his website: and you can also get more on him at and his band at


Boogie Bus

Written By: Andy Pizzo

Welcome to my Boogie Bus, we will take a ride.
I’ll take you to my favorite place, and show you a good ol’ time.
Come on girl, step right up, tell your momma good-bye
For I’m takin’ you out tonight and I’ll have you home by 9 the next mornin’!
Yeah, we’re gonna have some fun,
Watch out ya’ll we’ll tear this town up!
Yeah, the boogie bus, oh what a place to party!

Hey, good lookin’, why don’t you come for a ride?
Me and the boys are lookin’ for a party tonight.
Call your friends quick, tell them about this bus.
They don’t know what they’ll be missin’ cause they’ll have so much damn fun.
I want you to sit by me, oh you’re such a sexy thing,
Oh yeah!

My Boogie Bus, it’s the place where everyone loves to play.
All you girls should step right up and take a seat on my ride!
Hey, hot momma, your seat is right her e,
For you and me will kick it up and get it into gear!
One (uh)! Two (uh)! The engine’s startin’ now,
Come on babe, why don’t you scoot right over here!


Written By: Andy Pizzo

no lyrics for this selection


"Bouncin'" -- O-ZIP Records --

Set List

1. blues for ben
2. boogie bus
3. “bouncin” (with bean)
4. diane
5. manhattan
6. well you needn’t
7. all blues
8. when you’re smiling
9. funk for g.c.
10. welcome
11. why
12. just do it
13. mario’s groove
(this is the album set)

1. Tchfunkta
2. Chameleon
3. Sissy Strut
4. The Chicken
5. Footprints (in 4)
6. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
7. Bop Drop
8. Baronne
9. Nostalgia In Times Square
10. Are You Gonna Go My Way
11. Soul Dream
12. Pick Up The Pieces

1. Funky Miracle
2. Cold Sweat
3. Nothin' But Trouble
4. Pass The Peas
5. Make It Funky/Funky Good Time Medley
6. Red Clay
7. Canteloupe Island
8. Feel Like Funkin' It Up
9. Ain't Nothin' But a Party
10. Frankenstein
11. Listen Here
12. Foxy Lady

Sets are typically an hour long. 2-4 sets.