Andy Reed

Andy Reed


Andy is a singer/songwriter/producer with an ear for melody and songcraft. Sounds like a cross between Paul McCartney, Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson, Jon Brion, Jellyfish, and Michael Penn. Beautiful multi-layered recordings are a staple for this artist.


A native of Bay City, MI, Andy Reed has been writing and recording music for the last decade for various projects. He has worked with renowned artists such as Brendan Benson and The Verve Pipe.
Andy's solo career began two years ago with the E.P. "The Great Compression", on which Andy played all the instruments, engineered, and produced the record in his home studio. Continuing with that same successful formula, Andy now presents to you his latest release "Fast Forward"


Crazy Things

Written By: Andy Reed

I look to the sky as I realize
there's a world far from my own
The things I deny that I'm supposed to buy
will it tear up all that Ive sewn

With these crazy things that you see the eyes can deceive
These crazy things that I do I'll never get through
at least not to you

The secrets I hide as I slip and slide
all around without making it known
You and me can never be
worry that I'll end up alone

Chorus (2X)


2006- The Great Compression E.P.
2008- Fast Forward (currently playing on college radio)

Set List

Set List
1 set show consists of mostly originals with a couple covers.

3 set show consists of half covers/half originals

Cover songs include: Let My Love Open the Door, Oh Well OK, God Only Knows, I've Just Seen a Face, Walter Reed, Homeward Bound, Ruin My Day, and other popular and rare pop/rock songs from the past 40 years.