Andy Ru

Andy Ru


R&B soul with pop influence. Pretty Mainstream Music aimed mainly at entertaining but also encouraging and empowering.


Authentic, loving, & deep, with a positive and infectious mind-set is the singer Andy Ru(34) from Braunschweig-Germany. The most difficult period in his life ended with him finding and accepting God. „This step was a great leap of faith" says the professional photographer since he did not know exactly what this whole thing with God was all about. „ But God simply came into my life and gave me a new kind of freedom and peace which fascinates me ever more." This fascination is also felt in his musik. „ To me, music is like a road to the soul." Andi started off music playing drums („...which got broken"). Shortly after, he started taking guitar lessons: „Until I got ever more interested in the girls", remembers the happily married Andy Ru with a smile. His passion for the music never left him which eventually led him to working on his first Hit-Potential song „Now I'm Free".


Maxi CD
01. Now I'm Free(Radio Edit)
02. Now I'm Free(Album cut)
03. Now I'm Free(Latin Remix)