Andy Schuman and Darkhorse

Andy Schuman and Darkhorse


Melodic, atmospheric & moody. Huge landscapes of folksy ballads and hard hitting punches. Shiny bits of Pop magic mixed with dark intensities. Tight knit harmonies, telepathic guitar playing & solid driving rhythm section. Full of limitless possibilities & stylistically can get away with anything.


Andy Schuman started playing guitar at the age of five and never stopped. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, at 13 he had the opportunity to jam with Willie Nelson in Luckenbach, the first of many such colorful experiences in Andy's life. At 15, he ran away and lived on his own in New Orleans among other runaways in an old squatted mansion. At 23 he made his way to San Francisco where he played lead guitar in the legendary hardcore punk band, Verbal Abuse. Desiring change and melody Andy formed his own band in the 1990's called Handfullaflowers with whom he recorded two albums. The band moved to Berlin where andy lived in a large loft with artists Dorothy Carter and Bob Rutman, both in their 60's at the time. He enjoyed much success, touring and playing in arenas all over Europe. He has shared the stage with artists as varied as Weezer, Einsturzende Neubauten, NoFX, Greenday, Ice T, The Ramones, the Circle Jerks, Dorothy Carter, Bob Rutman, the Beatsteaks and many many more. Since 2000 Andy has been more inward in his focus, creating music in Brooklyn. He began to play with his close friend Michael Rasmussen in 2003 and in 2008 joined with guitarist Damon Ketron and Tony Litwak on bass, who make up Dark Horse Andy spent the summer on tour working with Lou Reed. And the band are in the process of recording their first album together entitled "Old Harbor Road" at Headroom Studios in Berlin with producer Marc Elsner. The album documents the period in Andy's life when he was living in New Orleans. After the band returned to New York City Tony relocated to San Francisco so the band began writing new songs and soon started playing with friend Zach Hendrix on bass. Zach fit right into the bands groove and they already have a new batch of songs to record. Andy has experienced the range of life's great highs and deep lows, which he draws on beautifully through his music. A rock on stage, Andy's voice is strong with a touch of sadness. He has that rare ability of an artist to expose himself and sing every word with a strong presence that draws his audience in. Andy Schuman is the real thing.


Stories from Old Harbor Road - EP
(available on iTunes)
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Set List

Typical Set list can be 10 to 14 songs running 50 minutes to 1hr 25 minutes approximately.

-Intro (hear it on iTunes and MySpace)
-This is Where it all Began (hear it on iTunes and MySpace)
-Summer Song (aka Pop Song #1, hear it on iTunes and MySpace)
-This is the End of Time
-Peace Love Now
-Face in the Clouds
-Life is Beautiful
-Fly Away (hear it on iTunes and MySpace)
-I Might as Well (hear it on iTunes and MySpace)
-Time Rolls Over

New Age- The Velvet Underground
Pissing in a River- Patti Smith
Isn't it a Pity- George Harrison
Rocket Man- Elton John