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Andy Smythe

London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Folk Acoustic


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"Get Rhythm"

The Borderline Jan 2002

Andy Smythe soon had the audience listening with his guitar playing and big voice, full of vibrato, with atmospheric, effect laden electric fiddle accompniment. Andy's songs reflect wistful reminisces, having a scope beyond that of the love song which dominates many singer/songwriter repertoires. And they went down really well with the audience. Chris Payne provided a wonderfully atmospheric backing on violin. - Annie Windley

"Irish World, London"

In the past 3 years Andy Smythe has built up quite a following. His performances have earned him a well deserved reputation as being a wonderful singer who produces songs of the highest poetic quality. His work is far beyond the realms of your average love song, but has an unspoken beauty to it.
Andy's latest release, Love Unspoken is a perfect reflection of the singer's talents. Andy's warm voice is the perfect outlet for his poetry. His reflective observations of growing up and travelling has produced a delightfully descriptive and wholly beautiful new album.
The haunting violin of Chris Payne provides the perfect backdrop to Andy's songs - Real Love in particular.
Andy's ingenious fusion of folk and acoustic influences has created a rush of accolades being synonymous with the songwriter's name. Andy is also a favourite of Mike Scott of The Waterboys. - Xenia Poole

" review"

Andy Smythe – Love Unspoken – Dreaming Element Records -DER 1445

Andy Smythe, a name to remember. This London based multi-talented singer/songwriter originally from Shropshire is going to be big. Andy has played such venues as The Borderline, The Half Moon, and the 12 Bar Club, and at Folk Festivals like The Broadstairs Folk Festival and will be there this year. Andy’s polished performances have won over many audiences and he has earned accolades from the likes of Mike Scott of The Waterboys. Andy performs either solo, in a duo with violin player David Camrass or in a full band. Andy’s work is far beyond your average Mr Music Man. .
Love Unspoken starts with Autumn Gold. (This was the first song I heard Andy sing, my introduction, I wanted more, and within 1 and a half hours I had listened to the album 3 times. It is now my favourite album in the CD player in the car. So be warned!) We then have Half Me, Half You, which is a song about Andy’s little son, and this has got on the prestigious CMJ Music Monthly CD sampler in the States.
Real Love brings words that bring tears to my eyes, as does the title track Love Unspoken, all about Granddad. Andy has a real knack of finding a way to your very soul. Andy has a real mellow, warm and melodic voice that actually reminds me of Donovan.
San Francisco is easier on the emotions, then Why is nothing Simple!!!! Whiskey Priest is full band going at full tilt and a real change from the quiet and shy acoustics! Brilliant! My Old School reminds me of school dinners, bell ringing and is a real singalong. Lucky Man is another favourite of mine, the words in this should win an Oscar!
The last track England in the Summer is about cricket, lazy days, bicycles, building fires, all this being memories of a lonesome child.
Only thing I could mention that could do with a revamp is the front cover, which is a painting of Andy I guess. He has a lovely back cover, and inside, and I would have done something more than has been done.
It should be mentioned that other music critics such as Traditional Music Maker, Folk on Tap, Folk Roots Mag, Get Rhythm and Irish World have all given Andy the thumbs up!
Hopefully, Andy will be doing a mini tour mid to late summer in the Devon area, gigs will be posted on as soon as we have details. He is also heading for the States in the Autumn. Catch him in the UK while you can.
There is a video of Our Gang accompanying the release of Love Unspoken in the States on May 27th.
To buy this CD, to check on gigs or to book Andy visit

May 2003

- Jean camp

"Blues Matters"

'Nation of the Free' by The Andy Smythe Band

Nation Of The Free
Dreaming Element Records

All the energy Andy Smythe saved thinking of some clever name for his band was not wasted. For the uninitiated, the no-nonsense moniker and sleeve design somehow suggest 16 wheel trucking, swigging cold beer from bottles and plenty of full blooded fret board finger-wiggling. True, Barry Targett’s accomplished strings never disappoint, but that is where the metaphors must end. No – Smythe’s concentrated efforts into the money shot deserve success. This isn’t blues, but do not discard it. “Folk” is too thin a categorisation for this multi layered, intriguing debut - a thoughtful collection of strongly written, socially aware, revved-up warbling with plenty of light and shade with the title track raising the curtain powerfully. Smythe unashamedly wears political colours and hopes for a new world in ‘Obama’s Song’ (...two black girls playing on the White House lawn....) . Subtle production marries with some beautifully understated accompaniment by Targett and Les Elvin on bass, and the Morrissey/ Neil Young / Paul Heaton quality to Smythe’s voice winsomely enhance the delivery of his message. Diction and vocal precision are oft-neglected elements to be appreciated when presented like this. ‘Changing Seasons’ stays with you long after it ends and an interesting challenge is to listen to ‘Louise’ without thinking ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’. Too busy a sound for some folk purists one suspects, and maybe not rufty tufty enough for Blues fans, but find room for it– the second listen confirms it as an underground, quirky corker that deserves turntable time.

Richard Thomas
Issue 54
Richard Thomas - Blues Matters Magazine (Apr 10, 2010) -


ive reviews

After travelling from Devon during the day, I arrived for this gig, very excited, as I have heard Andy's last albums but never seen him live. This gig was not to be missed as it was the album launch of his new album, which I had heard, but promised to be a fabulous gig to attend. From the moment I had heard his first album, Love Unspoken, I had been a fan.

Andy had musicians with him on stage -– Jon Barley on brilliant keyboard accompaniment and occasionally oboe; Les Elvin, who played a mean bass guitar; and Barry Target on excellent fiddle. The Green Note has an odd layout of stage, so Barry on the fiddle spent most of his time standing next to the stage as he couldn’t get on it! But, that didn’t make any difference to how they sounded, and Barry was clearly in a world of his own fiddling away!

Andy kicked off with "Whiskey Priest," wise choice, as this would get the audience in the mood -- foot-tapping melody with deep lyrics and involved all the band members! Title track of the new album, Live For The Future, was next and the audience were enthralled. Chilling lyrics about 21st century and beyond, this should be a theme tune for anything involving keeping the future for generations to come. Later on in the first set Andy changed the tempo, and sang "Warden I'm Ready," a chilling song of a prisoner on Death Row. Sounded like he had experienced the whole thing, but I am sure he hasn't! A very in-depth study of the prisoner's thoughts before his demise. This is Andy's speciality, producing lyrics that cut to the core of the soul. The album has a very important message to convey.

The interval was full of chat about how much the audience and the press had enjoyed the first half, and were looking forward to seeing more of Andy, and promoters were busy chatting amongst themselves about how much they had enjoyed it. One of the band members had organised movies for You Tube, so looking forward to that.

The second half kicked off with "My Old School," another fabulous number to start with, all on stage again and full band sound. Further down the list Andy sang the very haunting "Brothers," a track from his last album, Last Throes of Summer. A true story apparently, and sent shivers through my spine. "We Love Our Children" told the poignant story of parents of Israeli children caring for their children as much as anyone else, and worried about them in conflicts when bombs rain down. Last track was "So Far From America" before Andy had to do an encore, as we were not going to let him go that easily. Andy treated us to "England In The Summer," which was brave as it had been a wet week!

We all left feeling very privileged to have been at this gig, I really enjoyed it, and I hope it isn't too long before I see Andy again soon. Andy and the lads said they had enjoyed it and although it wasn't a total sell out, it was a quality and appreciative audience who had attended and CDs were flying out. Make sure you catch him at a gig or Festival soon.
Jean Camp - (Jun 8, 2008) -

"R2 Rock n Reel"

Andy Smythe kicks off with his delicate paen to the joys of gardening, 'Sap and Earth' - a masterful piece of almost semi-classical tone, it amply displays Smythe's dexterity on the piano.
Smythe's strongpoint is his way with words. Evidently well read, he translates this into songs of considerable humanity. unburdened by device or metaphor, the lyrical clarity of such songs as 'Ancient Ways' - concerning the plight of Autralia's Aboriginal people and 'Last Chief' about Native American Chief Joseph, is matched by his sense of melody. Barry Targett supplies jazzy electric fiddle to 'Changing Seasons' and blistering electric guitar to 'Ancient Ways'. Targett is a real find. -


2002 Love Unspoken CD1445 (on general release in the USA from 27th May 2003 with Converge records/Sumthing distribution)

2004 Last Throes of Summer

2005 Live for The Future

2010 Nation of the Free (general release on CADIZ)

2016 Lost for a Little While (release date TBC)



A multi-talented singer/songwriter based in London, UK Andy Smythe has stolen the hearts and minds of all that hear his finely crafted songs.

He has an incredible voice with a full 3 octave range which can be both whisperingly intimate or can resonate with operatic power.  Accompanying himself on either acoustic guitar or stage piano Andy's performances have won over audiences throughout the UK.

For his new record 'Lost for a Little While', Andy has recorded 13 songs on solo piano and he is looking to promote and tour the record throughout 2016-17.

Andy's performed at top acoustic and folk venues throughout the UK. He's had formal record releases 'in stores' in both the UK and USA. A list of venues Andy's performed at in the UK include: The Red Lion Folk Club (Birmingham), The National Theatre, The Borderline, The 12 Bar Club, Horsham Folk Club, Tenterden Folk Festival, Broadstairs Folk Festival, Spratton Folk Festival, Folk on the Pier, Cromer etc.

Inspired by the likes of Phil Ochs, Rufus Wainwright, Chopin and by poets like Walt Whitman and William Blake Andy has found his own truly original voice.