Andy St. Dinosaur

Andy St. Dinosaur

BandHip HopEDM

Electro Hip-Hop. The attitude of a dirty south hip hop act, with the energy of a punk act. Dance friendly instrumentation that leaves crowds wanting more.


At the young age of 18, Andy St. Dinosaur is quickly making a name for himself. The diverse sound allows a pletheroa of different types of music fans to appreciate his sound. Think early Kanye over French Electronica beats.
Quoted as once saying "I just want to make music pretty girls to dance to", and from the ATL to the 'burbs has done that and more.


The Victory EP- 2009
(can be found at

Set List

Typical set list is 25 minutes, can be made longer or shorter at any time.
5 songs, and optional crowd banter.