Andy Swan

Andy Swan


Toronto-based Andy Swan produces wads of folky Americana when he's not busy with his band, The Michael Parks. Much like Kris Kristofferson or Willie Nelson in their heydays, Swan writes in a narrative style with a great sense of 'loner' in'im, but the sweet melodies can't help but make you smile.


Andy Swan leads the Toronto pop outfit The Michael Parks (formerly Detective Kalita), but even this prolific band can't keep up with his songwriting output.

In late 2006, Andy took a brand new batch of songs to Ottawa to record his second album. It turned out decidedly country, and laid to 2" tape sounds as if it was made decades ago when country met rock. The shadows of Kris Kristofferson, Shotgun Willie and George Jones loom large throughout.

With Rolf Klausener (The Acorn) on bass, John J. Higney Jr. (Two Minute Miracles) on guitar and Jon Bartlett (Rhume) on drums, Andy has crafted a brilliantly subtle album, where his simple, honest lyrics and vulnerable tenor voice get to shine in the spotlight. Other guests include Jim Bryson (Weakerthans, Kathleen Edwards), Dave Draves, Andrew Vincent, Jake Bryce (Recoilers), and Kyla Dowden (duet singer on “Maybe It’s Love”), this amazing local 20-year old Joan Baez-a-like we found on MySpace.

"Ottawa" is the best thing Swanny has ever done. It effortlessly reels in its listeners and has you humming its songs for days on end. “Can I Pay You With Sunshine?” is the new “Snowbird.”


2005- A.M. at the H.O.M.
2007- Ottawa

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Set List

~ 40 minutes, unless it is a headlining set.

Typical set list:

Can I Pay You With Sunshine?
Maybe It's Love
In a Shoebox, Under the Bed
Fiery Mountain (Detective Kalita song)
If My Daddy Could See Me Now
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service
Women on Bicycles
Brian Jones
Belt Buckle
The Truth About Thieves
You Got the Diamonds (I Got the Shaft)
The Great Depression
The Sound of Snowflakes Falling