Andy Tongren/The Brightlife

Andy Tongren/The Brightlife


Andy has a voice as smooth as Chet Baker, the presence of Frank Sinatra, the creative genus of John Mayer, and the energy of Jamie Cullum. His covers whisk you away to London-town. His original sounds are reminiscent of young Paul McCartney. Listen. Then listen more. You'll be glad you did.


In a surprising leap to the stage to sing with the children of the symphony's musicians at age 4, Andy has been either on-stage or preparing to hit the stage ever since.

From the musician's stage at 4, to the professional theater stage at 10, Andy began to finely hone his craft. By age 14, Andy had abandoned high school fhis starting first-base position for the stage, performing whenever and wherever he could. That year, he formed his first band to play original music. The next year, he took that band on a 14-state tour. While the band didn't last, Andy's interest in music did. He immediately joined another newly forming band as the singer/guitarist/composer.

Not content to enjoy his new-found acclaim as an original "rock" musician, he performed art and classical pieces with his high school vocal ensemble, and the select Columbus Youth Chorale in a solo and ensemble capacity. Desiring more, he began classical guitar and classical voice lessons.

Those lessons led him to audition at elite conservatories, where he chose Baldwin-Wallace for its Bach connection. By spring, he was on-stage with the Cleveland Opera performing as a tenor in the chorus of Turandot. Then he heard the jazz orchestra. It brought him chills...electrifying!

Now with a solid educational and performance background in classical and jazz genres, Andy is blending the best of the best in his original music and returning to his rock roots. Yea...worth waiting for. Everybody knows, his latest cd with the band Brighlife is catchy, fun, upbeat and leaves you wanting more. Your so damn cute, appeals to the sensibility when you just wish you knew that the girl knew your name. The acoustic set is reminesent of ____.

Now refining the sound, gathering up with two new VA boys, Andy and his band, The Brightlife are truly to Explode!

You will want to be there when they do!


Lead Singer/songwriter for indie band, The Brightlife: Everyone Knows 2010 Available on itunes and The Brightlife myspace page.
Lead Singer/songerwriter for The Brightlife: Waiting to Explode 2008 Available on itunes and The Brightlife myspace page/
Solo album of Jazz Standards: Reaching the Stars 2006 Available in Barnes & Noble and itunes.
Solo album Singer/songwriter: How To Say Silence In a Million Words 2005

Set List

My set usually consists of 4-5 original songs and maybe a cover or two. I'll cover anything from jazz standards to hardcore metal and find a way to make it my own.
An example of a setlist would be:
-Broken bones, Bruises and Smiles
-Accidents, Accidents
-This is what a city can do
-Georgia on my Mind (Jazz Cover)
-Every Little Thing
-More Than Air