Andy White

Andy White


My music is instrumental, usually rock mixed with something else, which can be anything from reggae to bluegrass. Anything. Most of my songs are very cinematic. I've made a score for a short film (listen to Inspiration), and hope to do more of it.


I'm 21 years old. My music is very influenced by film, film scores, video game scores (final fantasy 6), and pretty much every kind of music. Each song I make is inspired by something different (El Mariachi was inspired by the Desperado movie trilogy, Monsters! is music for an animated show I want to make, and Inspiration is the score for a short film). I have other songs I've recorded that are too long to put on this site. Some of em are on my myspace (find the link below). My biggest musical influences are The Beatles, Bob Marley & The Wailers, and Led Zeppelin. But my stuff isn't really like any of them. It's just me. I haven't played live, I just record stuff. I do want to get a band together and I hope to soon. I'm done talkin.


nothing released.

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i don't play live yet.