Andy & Zeus

Andy & Zeus

 New York City, New York, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

andy & zeus is a live electronic/experimental music duo from brooklyn, ny. we combine vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines with live instrumentation, both in the studio and on-stage. we also tend to bring along our groovy four-projector kinetic/digital light show when we play live.


A.R. Plovnick & Zachary Wilson dump layers of synthesizer and keyboards over tastefully played electric guitar, acoustic percussion, tape echoes, voices and vocoders to create skewed pop tunes and cosmic soundscapes. Taking equal influence from high energy rock music and HI-NRG dance music, Andy & Zeus have the ability to adapt their arrangements to any stage. Be it stripping down to minimal synths for an art gallery opening, or inviting guest musicians to flesh out to a full psychedelic rock band, Andy & Zeus can take a familiar tune to a far-out place under the gentle glow of swirling liquid lights and groovy images.


cristal manor b/w basement wizard cd/digital single