Andy Zipf

Andy Zipf


Andy Zipf is Washington, D.C. based singer/songwriter who sings songs for the lonely.


Over the past few years Washington, D.C. based musical artist Andy Zipf has built himself quite a cottage industry by constantly writing, touring and by building a fan-base one friend at a time. With two independent releases and over 200 dates under his belt in the last two years, Andy has attracted the attention of the Today Show, XM Satellite Radio, VH1 and MTV by building a growing and sustainable model that relies on a stunning live performance, amazing music and a close connection to his audience.

Representing the new breed of musical artists who are taking charge of their careers, Zipf is constantly finding new ways to reinvent the rulebook. From Podjacking (using an iPod’s broadcasting capabilities to send bursts of short targeted marketing messages) to making customized t-shirts for his fans, Andy constantly pushes the boundaries of clever self-promotion, yet never loses sight of the music or his fans.

“Obviously, the music that I write and perform is the most important part of what I do,” says Zipf who adds, “ it’s about finding ways to connect with my audience and creating valuable one-of-a-kind experiences for them.” The proof lies in Andy’s soaring vocals and pin-drop falsetto that often leave audiences in utter jaw dropping silence.

Not content with waiting for something to happen with his career, Andy and business partner Shawn Matthews set out to do their part in changing the rapidly evolving music industry. They certainly weren’t the first to raise independent funds for a creative project, however they did manage to break new ground with the creation of their artist driven micro-label called Keep On! Music, a novel approach built on artistic freedom, creative commerce and sound legal structure.

In the Spring of 2006, the duo began a four month grassroots fundraising assault. Through a series of fundraising concerts, house shows, investor parties and a well crafted business plan, they raised $45,000 to complete 13 recordings with veteran James Barber, who has worked with such artists as Aimee Mann, Guns & Roses, Ryan Adams, Lisa Loeb and Courtney Love. Andy’s story, diligence and great material attracted the talents of several well-known session musicians whose collective credits include: Cheryl Crow, Depeche Mode, James Taylor, Iggy Pop and Sarah McLachlan.

Andy has shared the stage with a wide variety of great performers including Van Hunt, Evan Dando, The Ataris, The Wrens, Dave Bazan and Mary Lou Lord. He will be back on the road this fall spending most of his time traveling from rock club to café to coffee shop finding new ways to share his music one friend at a time.


Andy Zipf - Andy Zipf (Demos) 2002
Running Out - The Revolution Will Begin in the Blink of Eye Vol 1. (Mono Vs. Stereo)
I Stole The Morning Sun (Mono Vs. Stereo)
Where You Are Not - Decent Exposure - Volume 4
Are You Going Down? (Single Deluxe) (Sensational Recording Company)
The Long Tail - 2007 Release Pending (TBD)

Set List

Enough original material for 120 minute set

Covers include:

Radio Radio - Elvis Costello
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
Refugee - Tom Petty
God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
Somebody To Love - Queen
Helpless - Neil Young
Never Tear Us Apart - INXS
Purple Rain - Prince
Typical set is - 45 min to an hour