A Nefarious Influence

A Nefarious Influence


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A Nefarious Influence formed in late August of 2004. Long time friends Scott, Greg, Justin got together to make some noise.


A.N.I. is a 3 piece band with two primary vocalists. Focussed on making music that you can move to, A.N.I. does not beleive in holding up the wall.... We make music that compliments different genres while at the same time generate momentum and progression. Catchy riffs with an upbeat tempo. While telling our stories with back to back vocals.

Influence's include; mostly Underground/ Indie other music genres include Hardcore, Punk, Rock, Funk, Reggae, even Hip Hop, techno and industrial.

People have said A.N.I.'s songs/ sound reminds them of an eclectic range of bands such as: Franz Ferdinand, Iggy Pop, Death From Above1979, Rage Against The Machine, and Sublime. Lots more...

Why the name A Nefarious Influence? We are called "A Nefarious Influence" because music in general has been somewhat of a scapegoat throughout history, supposedly having a negative and sometimes mysterious impact on its listeners, supposedly driving them to commit evil acts. From Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop to modern day Marylin Manson or Slim Shady, people still look for someone to blame for their childs mental issues and/ or poor behaviour. Many argue that their child did something terrible due in part to the music that he/she listens to. A Nefarious Influence is at work in the devil's music. We try to portray our perspective through our music on how innaccurately many people perceive the influences of todays young society. -ISM-



Set List

A.N.I. writes all of their own original songs. Song times are anywhere from 3 to 4.5 minutes. Typical set time is roughly 30-40 mins. Current songs are as follows:
These Lights
I Tried
Who's That Lady?
You and Me Kid!
I Need To Escape
Too Many Cold Nights

and others not yet recorded.