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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Love Amidst The Darkness [EP]"

A quintet based in Hagerstown, Maryland is making the rounds and paying its dues, building a following, gaining experience, and, now, digitizing its first set of songs on an EP, at present, only available online and at shows. The thrash emo-core style al la mewithoutYou features earnest lyrics alternatively screamed and sung to wandering melodies over driving drums and clashing cymbals. Tight, crunchy guitars stitch it together. We also enjoy the keyboards featured in their CD, but not in the live show, as very nicely done and surely not an after thought. The pre-show, on-stage huddle for prayer makes the basis of their art obvious. Play on, young men, toward the unknown future, sharing that Love Amidst the Darkness.

Song list:
And Painting Words
Everything That Happens Holds Reason
As A Disaster
Gunshot Wounds, A New Kind Of Kiss
Welcome To The Nightmare

By Linda and Tony LaFianza - The Phantom Tollbooth


Love Amidst The Darkness [EP] (2007)
Father, I Want To See Heaven [EP] (2008)

Jeremiah Watch Your Back on Purple Door Radio.



In an age where the musical landscape is riddled with countless bands and artists, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be heard amidst the clutter. Some bands shout louder than ever, some blend in with the mix, some press on with a hopeful disdain, and others just give up. Aneirin, a Maryland sextet, are one of the few bands that have continued to play with a growing sense of determination and strength. Unlike many bands, Aneirin is not just playing to entertain, but rather to spread a message of hope and love to a broken world.

Aneirin is comprised of Dan Garcia (vocals), Brandon Fingerman (Bass, Backing Vocals), Corey Highland (Keys, Vocals), Dalton Perry (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Johnny Reese (Drums), and Jered Youngbar (Guitar, Backing Vocals). Together the six men passionately spread their message with a unique blend of various hardcore and metal influences coupled with Jazz and ambient styling’s. Aneirin’s original sound, emotive lyrics, and utterly engaging live show push them atop the current music scene and into the hearts of listeners. Be sure to check out their latest release, "Father, I Want to see Heaven", and discover why Aneirin is cutting through the noise with a sound of hope.