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Lecce, Apulia, Italy | SELF

Lecce, Apulia, Italy | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Moon Soundtrack Update: Muse, Radiohead and Fan Music"

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Clevver TV, I'm Dana Ward and today we're zeroing in on the music to be featured on the upcoming New Moon soundtrack. We all understand how a soundtrack can make or break a film and how important the music choice is in a movie, especially how it was essential in Twilight's story telling of the love developing between Bella and Edward.
New Moon is set to feature the band MUSE yet again. You remember... [continue] - Clevver TV

"Tenemos más fans en Estados Unidos"

Pete (voz, guitarra), Dave (guitarra), Jan (bajo) y Dario “Rock-D” (batería) forman el grupo ANEK, un cuarteto italiano firme admirador del rock alternativo, algo que contrasta con las preferencias de las emisoras de radio de su país, las cuales se decantan por emitir música pop y dance. Su música tiene como principal objetivo crear emociones por medio de canciones cuyas letras abordan sentimientos como el amor, la ira y diferentes estados de ánimo. Admiten cantar en inglés porque les permite llegar a un número más amplio de seguidores. De hecho, Estados Unidos se lleva la palma de la mano. A finales del pasado... -

"una delle migliori band emergenti attualmente in Italia..."

Gli ANEK sono una delle migliori band emergenti attualmente in Italia, il loro alternative rock è apprezzato non solo nel nostro paese ma anche all'estero. Aspettando con ansia l'album di debutto che uscirà molto presto vi proponiamo in esclusiva (gentilmente concessa dagli Anek) una preview della fantastica canzone "Blow", capirete da soli quali potenzialità hanno. Per acquistare questa traccia ed altre bellissime loro songs andate su iTunes -

"Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5"

3/8/10 Happy Monday everyone. Here we are again with the 5 artists who received the best PopScore last week on Jango Airplay. Definitely take a minute to check them our and drop a comment below if you like what you here!!! There's some great stuff here...
1) Italy-based band Anek was started in 2000 by a group of brothers and friends. Their sound draws from several pools of rock, including emo, classic, and grunge. 2010 will see... -


5439 - EP
01. We’ll Never Change (3:25)
02. Blow (4:20)
03. Bella - Edit Version (3:16)
04. After The Rain (2:48)
[May 19, 2009]

Bella - Single
01. Bella (3:35)
02. Pray At The Moon (3:16)
03. Bella - Instrumental (3:35)
[October 20, 2009]

Late Off Day - EP
01. Lady Of Fate (4:05)
02. The War (4:06)
03. Map to Your Heart (3:43)
04. Save A Prayer (3:55)
[2011 - unreleased]



Anek formed in 2004, with a starting line up made by Pete (vocals/guitar), his brother Jan (bass), and Dario (drums). Dave (guitar) joined the band lately, in 2006.
Since the early lives the band was always determinated to propose its own songs, showing good skills in composing tunes, counting on alternative-rock melodies but at the same time catching from the first listening.
In 2009 Anek released their first EP featuring 4 tracks, recorded at Fusix Studio in Turin.
From the EP they've extracted the single “Bella”, song inspired by The Twilight Saga, that aired on several local radio stations and was also featured on the American Clevver TV in one of their videos.
The song pleased very much the listeners and on YouTube lot of users began to use the song for they own videos about the saga.
It was also released an official videoclip that reached 75.000 views in few months bringing the band up to the 5th positions on the YouTube chart for the Most Viewed Italian Musicians for 2 weeks.
In 2010 there was a change of line up with Jan and Dario leaving the band and introducing Loris as new drummer.
The new team started immediately to write and arrange new tunes and during September 2011 they travelled to London to record 15 new songs scheduled to be featured on their first full lenght; anyway most of these songs are still unreleased cause of a choice of the band.
Meanwhile Anek didn’t stopped here and achieved small awards on several music websites, being introduced as “featured band” or “featured song”.