Love, hate, social discomfort, blended in a 3 piece Electro-Alternative-Rock band. Joy Division, NIN, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack....


Anemonah was formed back in 2008 in San Jose Costa Rica. The band's debut was basically on local radios and the online show "Introducing with Tom Robinson" at Uk's BBC. With just a few gigs at the local scene the band was selected to open for DEPECHE MODE in Oct 2009 on their most recent visit to their country.



Written By: Anemonah

Another day goes by
Cant stand anymore
I feel Im living in a cage

The seconds bouncing-
against a grey wall
As I watch my freedom fade away

Now that Ive seen
a different world,
I feel Im living in a cage.

They try so hard to get me compromised
Chasing me down like an avalanche.
Unlock the door between me and the word beyond
Take me away to the other side

Now that Ive seen
a different word,
I feel Im living in a cage.


EP.1 "Cage" EP.2 "Random paranoia"

Set List

12 song set, 1 hour

- Black 17
- Close ur eyes
- Cage
- A waste of time
- They all stare
- Insomnia
- Random Paranoia
- Your God is your Make up
- Blurry Picture
- Keep Running
- I Punish myself
- Gaze at the stars