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Aneurysm June

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Aneurysm June review"

I like AJ's music!!! A good, unique combination of influence... Very well done.... - Hellbender Music

"Aneurysm June review UK"

Good stuff here, especially "Ghost Horses" - Ragz Music

"Artist to Watch-March 2010"

Aneurysm June, three Europeans united in America to make rock music. With Benj’s 80’s style bass feel, solid drumming by Mat Manhammer, combined with Cesar’s fluid guitars and interesting vocal delivery, the sound of Aneurysm June is conceived. I was immediately blown away by this trio’s ability to craft catchy alternative rock pieces. By not sticking to any particular writing formula, each song has it’s own distinct character. The band has an extraordinary sense of how songs should flow, which serves to make this music very listenable. As Cesar writes on the band’s MySpace “music comes first,” and Aneurysm June lives by those words.

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- Type 3 Media

"Aneurysn June-Album Review (UK)"

"Heavily influenced by British alternative rock of the 1990s but drawing in elements of pop, emo and new wave punk, Aneurysm June release their debut album, though it’s only six songs long, ‘Strawberries On The Asphalt’ into the world on their own terms. Their passion for their music comes across strongest in the vocals but can be heard in every pound of the drum and groove of the bass on their small but nicely formed indie rock outing. The all Spanish ‘Ashtray Lips’ pays direct homage to the band’s Latin roots but the influence of flamenco can be heard throughout, particularly on ‘One Day To Anothers’ complex guitar exchanges. The album is a strong base, you just wish there were more on here than six songs on offer, and as the beautiful ‘Playing with Kites’ draws the disc to a close, there’s a slight sense that they could have given us so much more."

Lauren Walker, Black Velvet Magazine
- Black Velvet Magazine

"Aneurysm June-Album review-UK"

New York trio Aneurysm June are causing quite a stir on American shores. When listening to this EP, this becomes understandable. Catchy hooks, witty rhythmic changes and even dabbling into the occasional Spanish lyrics. In fact, considering that the nationalities of each member range from Spanish to French to Taiwanese, it’s rather surprising that the band’s communication is so tightly-knit. I say, kudos to any group that can afford to blend flamenco melodies with “Portnoy-style” tom fills.

The comparison to Radiohead in melancholic track ‘Ghost Horses’ is uncanny, but vocalist Cesar Fontela manages to pull it off with his own tinges, and not merely imitate Yorke. The result is a distinguished piece of art, one that if properly aided, could set this group flying high. This acknowledgement resonates throughout ‘Strawberries on the Asphalt.’ There is nothing typical about the tracks whatsoever, and this element of surprise really emphasises the thought process undertaken to produce such a colourful collection of songs. Listen to album opener, ‘Fade Away.’ No, it’s not ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ the sceptic might ask! The eerie change in chord progressions brings about an almost prog-rock feel, and well, it creates one hell of a song.

There is a sort of elegance about the style in which Fontela sings. His strong Spanish accent, though apparent in each track, could not be better suited to the songs. Likewise, drummer Mathieu’s use of jumpy double bass fills really adds to the experimental aspect that the band has been searching for. Last but certainly not least, bassist Benjamin’s jazzy, swinging basslines really help to create the trademark sound that Aneurysm June promotes.

Having already played several local gigs and also appeared on at least six nationwide radio stations, the band are receiving press coverage that they truly deserve. If in the NYC area, be sure to them out.

Marc Saunders, Rock Pulse. - Rock Pulse

"AJ review Spain"

Aneurysm June uses bass and guitar loops to create original musical textures…just listen to “Ghost Horses”... - Move Compostela Magazine (Spain)

"Aneurysm June-Album review"

"Delivering six songs forth of pleasantly mellow and melodic pop-rock music, this nice little EP CD goes down smooth and easy. The vocals are sturdy and passionate, the songwriting smart and reflective, the arrangements tight, punchy and harmonic. The beats bop along with considerable panache and the tempos move at a satisfying snappy clip. Better still, the gritty riffin’ guitars and kickin’ drums hit the rockin’ spot. Plus you gotta give extra points to a band who do one song in exquisitely fluent Spanish (the rousing “Ashtray Lips”). Best tune: the supremely moody and haunting “Ghost Horses.” A real bang-up outing."

Joe Wawyrzniak,
- Jersey Beat

"Aneurysm June-Album review"

A soulful alternative rock trio comes out of New York City. Aneurysm June released their debut EP "Strawberries on the Asphalt" by themselves in August 2009. Aneurysm June is heavily influenced by the English alternative rock band Radiohead. This is evident in the sixth track "Playing With Kites." "Playing With Kites" has a slow alternative rock sound with a "thumping" bass line and soulful vocals. This track is a lighthearted tale about being at peace with life, and not giving up on dreams.

Aneurysm June has a promising future as an alternative rock band. Aneurysm June has the abilty to combine early alternative rock with modern pop, leaving their own distinct mark on today's music scene.

Leslie Snyder
- Indie Rock Magazine


(2009): "Strawberries On The Asphalt". Digital release date: 9/25/09. Recorded by Ofer Tiberin at Momek Studios, Brooklyn, New York. Produced by Aneurysm June. Licensed in UK by Mango Reel Music ( All songs written by Aneurysm June (BMI). All lyrics by Cesar F.

Suggested tracks:
1. Fade Away
2. Skinny Soul
3. Ghost Horses

Radio airplay for Strawberries on The Asphalt:
-College Radio (Publicity: Alternative Advanced Media :

89.7 WITR-FM - Rochester, NY - 91.7 WKDU-FM Philadelphia, PA - 89.1 WFDU-FM Teaneck, NJ - 89.5 WHRV-FM Binghamton, NY - 91.5 WRPI-FM Troy, NY - 91.7 WCUR-FM Westchester, PA - 88.7 WRSU-FM, Brunswick, NJ - 90.1 WUSB-FM, Stony Brook, NY - 89.3 WRTC-FM Hartford, CT –

-Internet Radio:

- Skope Radio at Skope Magazine.

- The Indie Revolution Radio Show/Podcast.

(2011): "Chemical". Digital Release date TBA. Recorded by Ofer Tiberin at Momek Studios, Brooklyn, New York. Mixed by Cesar F. Produced by Aneurysm June. All songs written by Aneurysm June (BMI). All lyrics by Cesar F.

Suggested tracks:
1. Shells
2. Detuned Track
3. Blank



Aneurysm June is a NYC based alternative rock band formed by Cesar F. (Spain), Benj (France) and Mat Manhammer (France). Equally influenced by the american grunge, the european rock and flamenco, the band's originality relies on the use of flamenco scales over edgy punk rock and the intense use of dynamics in their songs, which allows the co-existence of super fuzzed guitars with clean arpeggios. This is often used in the music of Aneurysm June to express the bipolar themes of their lyrics, that are carefully crafted both in english and spanish. They have released two albums: "Strawberries on the asphalt" in digital format in september 2009 and "Chemical" in January 2011.

RIYL: Nirvana, early Radiohead, Pixies, Husker Du, Sonic Youth.

Venues played: Mercury Lounge, Pianos, Arlene's Grocery, Rockwood Music Hall, The Trash Bar, Public Assembly etc.