An Even 3

An Even 3


An Even 3 catapults jazz into a sonic explosion of chocolate and cayenne pepper while effortlessly blending pure melodic beauty, exhilarating rhythms, and genre bending instrumentals. Thelonius would be intrigued. Miles would be amused. And Ray would be dancing.


Thelonius would be intrigued. Miles would be amused. Ray would be dancing.

Jazz lives anew in originals like "Think Fast," while "Love You Just the Same" will have you begging for more of their uniquely non-formulaic blues. Once they've got the crowd worked up over dropped D and augmented 7th's, there's no turning back.


"Live at the Nuty Brown" LP
"The Supernatural Collection" EP
"Live At Ruta Maya" LP

Set List

No Covers - All Original Material

Typical Set = 45 minutes - 1 hour
Typical Show = 2-3 Sets
Typical Set List:
These Hills
Midas Touch
Love You Just the Same
Pinwheels of Light
The Wind and The Water
Fifth Dimension
Fire In These Eyes
Think Fast
Hollow Eyes
Turn Around