An Evening at Elmwood

An Evening at Elmwood


Boasting some impressive achievements in their short time together including playing the Taste of Chaos festival, the Vans Boys of summer tour & the Soundwave Festival, An evening at elmwood are quickly becoming a household name in Australia and overseas although they are an unsigned act.


An evening at Elmwood blend screaming choruses, melodic guitars, catchy vocals and fierce drumming to deliver emotionally driven, hard hitting songs combining various punk, emo and hardcore influences. Balancing their sound between three of the diverse Punk sub-genres while not being afraid of bearing their souls and pushing the boundaries of heavy music with an acoustic guitar provides them with musical versatility and sets them apart. With an energetic live show comprised of the six members dodging guitar throws, backflips, spin kicks and mic swings An evening at Elmwood’s passion towards their music has earnt the respect of promoters, peers and fans alike.

Formed in January of 2007, it wasn’t until April that the band had a concrete lineup. Recording their debut release in may of 2007, a three track demo now known as the “Secrets Single”. Within a month the demo had received over 42, 000 plays on myspace and “Elmwood” were chosen as a featured artist for, Zorpia online community & Myspace music, climbing the charts and holding the position of no1 top unsigned artist Australia wide in Punk, Emo & Hardcore for two and a half months on myspace music. Originally intended as an online demo the songs became so popular that the band released them independently as a Cd single to rave reviews & eager fans.

Since their formation “Elmwood” has built a dedicated following off their explosive sound and stage show. Entering the frontier touring Taste of chaos competition for 2008, The band became one of five finalists and went on to win the first support slot by a public vote for the Taste of chaos tour which features some of the biggest names in Punk/Hardcore every year placing AEAE in front of more than 7000 screaming fans. Starting 2008 with their inclusion to the third instalment of the Vans Boys of Summer Tour in January, this year has since proven to be their biggest with the bands inclusion to the Soundwave festival featuring 40 International acts.

The band had set out to perform as many shows as possible, playing 50+ shows in their first 12 months alongside respected Perth bands Elora Danan, Anime Fire & Calerway aswell as their inclusion on tours and support slots with International & interstate artists such as The Used (USA), The Offsipring (USA), Thursday (USA), Alexisonfire (USA), Rise Against (USA), Silverstein (CAN), Saosin (USA), Motion City Soundtrack (USA), Aiden (USA), Drop Dead Gorgeous (USA), Incubus (USA), Scary Kids Scaring Kids (USA), Sugarcult (USA), Madina Lake (USA), Set your goals (USA), The Bled (USA), Gallows (UK), He is Legend (USA), Carpathian (NSW), The Amity Affliction (BRIS), Angelas Dish (VIC), In Fiction (VIC), The Rivalry (VIC), and many more.

Having recently completed recording of their debut 5 track EP, “Elmwood” are currently finalising artwork, Looking for distribution and awaiting the return of their tracks from New York where they are being Mastered.


Sydonia WA Tour
Remain Opposed WA Tour
Calerway Single Launch
Angela’s Dish WA Tour
Anime Fire EP Launch
The Amity Affliction WA Tour
Elora Danan WA Tour
In Fiction WA Tour
He Is Legend AUS Tour
Feat. The Used (USA), Rise Against (USA), Aiden (USA), Drop Dead Gorgeous (USA), The Bled (USA), Gallows (UK) & Carpathian (NSW) The Rivalry WA Tour
Feat. Silverstein (CAN), Set your goals (USA) & Elora Danan (WA) SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL 2008
Feat. The Offspring (USA), Incubus (USA), Alexisonfire (CAN), Killswitch Engage (USA), Thursday (USA), Infectious Grooves (USA), As I lay dying (USA), Motion City Soundtrack (USA), Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (USA), Saosin (USA), Plain white T’s (USA), Jim Ward from Sparta (USA), City and Colour (CAN), Scary Kids Scaring Kids (USA), Boys Like Girls (USA), Cartel (USA), Mindless Self Indulgence (USA), Shadows Fall (USA), Mewithoutyou (USA), The Dear Hunter (USA), Bleeding Through (USA), Carpathian (AUS), Sugarcult (USA), All Time Low (USA), From Autumn To Ashes (USA), The Starting Line (USA), As tall as lions (USA), Kevin Devine (USA), Mae (USA), The Receiving End of Sirens (USA), Still Remains (USA), Socratic (USA), Divine Heresy (USA), Envy on the Coast (USA), Haste the Day (USA), Madina Lake (USA), The Matches (USA), My American Heart (USA), Halifax (USA) & The Fall of Troy (USA)


This is going to get worse

Written By: An evening at Elmwood

take a note and write this down
cause' i wont let you live this down.
theres nothing up my sleeves
but these arms to hold you back.

I wont back down
not this time.

I'm seconds away
but still too late
and i know that this could only get worse.
I'm telling you..
I'll always be right here.

I can't see past these headlights
they blind my eyes
i swear i've walked this road
a thousand times
i swear i'll walk til my feet are bleeding
i cant let go, til this heart stops beating.

If home is where the heartbreaks..
then im coming home.

I'm coming home.

You can't handle the truth

Written By: An evening at Elmwood

Old wounds open like a book
that you just cant put down
your eyes cutting through the words
as i bleed them out
i'll drop a hint or two
leave you half a clue
to how this stories going to end

i condemn these thoughts of you
to the box in my backyard
where you can sit and wait
til the day that your dug up
forever aint that long
i wrote this song to keep you warm
the grass never grew the same
since i put you where you lay.

so you'll scream my name
well scream it all you want
i'm walking away
and suggest you do the same

how much longer til you die
how much longer can we try
how much longer til you die
how much longer can i lie to myself
how much longer til you die
how much longer can i lie?

You lied to me.

old wounds open like a book
that you just cant put down.


The "Secrets" Cd Single.
3 track Cd single.
On sale Independantly through Perth including store's 78's records, Mayday Clothing, Trax Music Mandurah & off the An Evening At Elmwood Webstore.
Several Radio airplay including RTRFM & Twin cities.

"This is going to get worse before it gets better" Debut 5 track EP.
Currently negotiating Distribution with Sony BMG.
Due for release July 08'

"Elmwood acoustic sessions"
Promotional release Due May 08'.

Set List

This is going to get worse before it gets better
Take the throne
You can't handle the truth
Until the lines divided
Don't hold your breath