An Evening at Elmwood

An Evening at Elmwood


A band that use their head and heart, earning themselves the right to share the stage with several International & National big name acts after being formed for a mere 7 months. Winning the Taste of Chaos competition has presented them with opportunities to take their music to a much wider Audience.


Formed in January 2007, An Evening at Elmwood are making an impression fast. Well on their way to becoming one of Perth’s most promising acts through relentless touring and explosive live performances. Building a strong fan base inside and outside of Perth hasn’t been easy but the release of their debut CD Single “Secrets” in July has helped the band to expand their sound and presence while gaining a lot of attention along the way. Solidifying their line-up around June has meant a fresh new approach to their music and writing capabilities.

With the CD Single doing extremely well since its release, “Elmwood” are scheduled to start recording their debut EP entitled “This is going to get worse before it gets better”, By the end of the year with a possible eastern states tour on the horizon also. The “Secrets” Single was recorded in May and released in June 2007 and has since gained the band an incredibly large number of plays, featured artist positions on & Zorpia online community and placed them as the no1 top unsigned artist in the Emo, Punk & Hardcore genres for the entirety of June and July 2007 on Taking out Frontier Touring’s Taste of Chaos competition for Perth has given them the opportunity to take their music to the masses and share the stage with some international heroes.

2007 the year so far...
Remain Opposed (Adel) WA tour
Sydonia (Melb) WA tour
Calerway Single launch
Angelas Dish (Melb) WA tour
Elora Danan EP Launch
In Fiction (Melb) WA tour
Anime Fire EP launch
The Amity Affliction (Bris) WA tour
He is Legend (USA) Australian tour
The Used (USA), Rise against (USA), Aiden (USA), Drop Dead Gorgeous (USA), Gallows (UK), Carpathian (Adel) & More.
The Rivalry WA tour
Elora danan, Crysis & An evening at Elmwood
As a Weapon Farewell Tour


Take The Throne

Written By: An Evening At Elmwood

Take the throne

I wont let you take this away from me
now i have risen up to take the throne
i wont be pulled down by this again

Punctured hearts splitting sides and a tortured spine
as crooked as your spine
giving up, giving in, getting ready to restart
begin again

Let us not forget everything we said
i cannot forget


Written By: An Evening At Elmwood

When your lying in your bed hiding deep in your sheets
close your eyes and find sleep your only safeguard from me
with each breath that you draw is one more that im short
and each more that im short keeps me begging for more

Wash these hands of blood
your the one i want
your the one i need
your the one i love
lets make tonight
last forever

Paint these skies a darker shade of grey
always asking yourself "how much time did we waste?"
rewind the time cross the T's and dot the I's
and scrawl those things that you cant say

Your a knife in me and i cant pull it free
you laugh as i scream but i cant pull it free

Pray for sleep to save you from me

Now that you've gone you cant hurt me no more

A Three Part Lesson in..

Written By: An Evening At Elmwood

The words on the wall
they tell me everything i hear
taking back everything i've said
reassuring that we've become
monsters alone
hating the world for all its repercussions
we only have ourselves to blame
tarnish our name

The words on the wall
they started no truth
taking me back to where i belong
through all of this pain
its not as simple as i had once hoped
but time after time we will strive closer

everything will work out
everything will work out fine

it just takes time


The “Secrets” CD Single.

Track Listing:
1. Secrets
2. A three part lesson in..
3. Take the throne

Available for purchase from 78 records, Mills Fremantle, Planet Video Mt Lawley, Mayday Clothing Northbridge & Online through the “Elmwood” Webstore.

Set List

Performing a completely original set with between half an hour to 45 mins.

1. This is going to get worse before it gets better
2. Take the throne
3. A three part lesson in..
4. Lady Falls
5. On broken wings
6. Secrets
7. She is a dish best served cold (acoustic)