An Everywhere's Nowhere

An Everywhere's Nowhere


An Everywhere's Nowhere is a rock swirling electronic grooving exotic stereo world experience. The project is composed of various musicians who enjoy the philosophical and metaphysical and who enjoy playing for the music/fan. We try to be experimental and creative, dynamic and energetic.


Here's an article that DJ EV wrote up for AEN.

Meet An Everywhere’s Nowhere...
17 August 2005 - Launch Band News By: DocNasty
~From the Desk of DJ EV:

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to know Justin Gleaves, of "An Everywhere's Nowhere" one of Krushradio's newest Local Launch Bands. Justin, who was born and grew up in Columbus, Ohio and now lives in the Washington D.C area, describes "An Everywhere's Nowhere as "a rock swirling electronic grooving exotic stereo world experience."

When I asked Justin how he got his start in music, he responded by telling me some of his history. He went on to say....." (I)Grew up and fell in love with the music that my father listened to, such as The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. I can remember sneaking into his record collection and playing them as early as age 6 or 7. He also listened to a diverse range of jazz types, both new age and classic. I can't remember the jazz band names, probably because the energy didn't grip me the same way the classic rock bands did, but they definitely proved to intrigue and inspire me musically and nowadays I love listening to Miles Davis."

When asked what his first record he ever purchased was, Justin went on to say..."The first record I bought was the first Beastie Boys album, the first tape I bought was Metallica Kill 'Em All, and the first CD I bought was Faith No More's Epic (don't ask why I remember this?I just do!hehe). I listened to a lot of music along the lines of Metallica, Pantera, Megadeath, Alice in Chains, and NIN in my middle school years, which was during the late 80's and early 90's. I loved growing up on the wave of sound that Nirvana/Janes Addiction/Smashing Pumpkins/Blind Mellon (just to name a few) provided, which swept through in the early to late 90's and corresponded with my high school days."

Justin also said that ...."The first band I played in was called Displaced Aggression, which was really just a cover band with one original written (despite my pleas) the whole thing was lame overall; spot on for what you'd expect from a teen band getup. Later, after moving to Jacksonville, FL I pulled together a band we called Crackpot, and later turned into Jaded Daze. I played the scene there for about 3 years, which was a great experience. Made some great friends and had some great experiences. Eventually we realized that we were all artistically different (I remember an article was written about Jaded Daze calling out that each of us looked like we were from a different music video..haha!). We called it a wrap and each went our separate ways in 2001, starting up our own projects. This is when An Everywhere's Nowhere was born for me. While I prefer playing out with a group of musicians, and still see the solo-project aspect of music as somewhat self-centered/indulgent, I've found writing via this project has been extremely rewarding. It's great to feel the artistic freedom of writing how I want, mixing how I want, and performing how I want. Not that I don't enjoy the spats and artistic blending of a band, but it's great to experiment without restrictions, which is what I'm really trying to do."

I also went on to ask Justin, "What does Music mean to you?" His response was simple ..."I like to write music that I and other people can relate. Existential and metaphysical topics/experiences are what I draw on. I'm not one to write a song that's heavy just because I want it to sound heavy,it's because Im feeling pissed or really energetic about something. The same goes for tunes I've written that are mellow and laid back; it's because I felt serene or at peace. I love to play with the mix styling as well as the instrumentation to provide music that conveys meaning and that sounds organic (such as providing a sensation of spiraling, or a sound that feels like it's bending and folding over it's own weight.)
I am personally somewhat sick of hearing music that feels like it went through a "cookie-cutter." I miss music that doesn't meet that criteria; music that pushes the status quo, music that really touches upon the deep issues everyone manages everyday. Riding the crest of the wave where music again relies on the roots of experimentation and musical exploration will drive the next music revolution, and I'm driving to be part of that."

Justin went on to tell me that his future goals include...."Always looking forward to the day when I start touring again, and I would love to migrate from the self-production to the indie/major label. The people that have supported me have been absolutely amazing. In the end, the most important goal of mine is to keep creating/producing music that is original, energetic, and carries feeling until the day I die. Monetarily, I don't really give a damn. Making and sharing music has been so rewarding in and of itself. The people of the AEN community make composing and performing music worthwhile and making/sharing music th


The Shell of I

Written By: Justin Gleaves

Sense the Self sense the shell of I.
There I walked away from me and there I found my suffering, my nails...
Sense the shell of I.
There a voice set me free, it always laughed so we could see our love inspired.
Waiting for the time and waiting for a sign.
Waiting for a time to be free.
Like a child realize the day will come despite all our fears and pride.
Like a child realize...
I want to see the face of the highest grace coming down for us like a ray of sun.
It's always fun...
Like a child realize the day will come despite all our fears and pride.
Like a child realize...

Falling Into Circumstance

Written By: Justin Gleaves

...and i just fell into your world thinking this time it's alright the endless themes lacing life forgives lies their ancient eyes and who are you to come tell me that i'm fine with the way things lie the pretty things that makes us slaves are so kind to take our minds frozen in your eyes my surprise is feeling like it seems easy why believe that things will ever change the plain the boring which i will never be the same not the same i feel like i'm nothing...

the silence roars
the fingers of their apathy
stretching far
always where you want to be
teaching me
mapping all of my misery
controlling me
a puppet i will be frozen in your eyes my surprise is feeling like it seems easy why believe that things will ever change the plain the boring which i will never be the same not the same i feel like i'm nothing...

Sterces Derised

Written By: Justin Gleaves

I've got nobody
They don't understand who I am
Feeling isolated in the end
But I'm feeling happy
And crazy, I'm frightened
On a pedestal the proclaim
The knowledge of the stupid and profane
Their innocence is to blame

I try, I feel it once again...the fire burns within
I am enslaved to your ways...the feeling I've betrayed

You....and me. What's true? What's real?
...not you...

So where's the failure? Give it all you have
So try to cheat. It's sitting in my hand.
So try to take it....break your heart instead.
Succumb to fate and never let it end

I see it, I hear it, I feel it, I taste it, don't fight it, embrace it, denying it will break it, just know it, and speak it, if only, you'd believe in it.


An Everywhere's Nowhere only has one demo pulled together, titled currently as "In the beginning..."

Tracks have been played on a few internet radio stations (Scrub Radio, Krush Radio, Cygnus Radio) and FM station (93.3 in jax, FL).

Set List

Sets have ranged anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. We do not play covers (though who knows what will happen in the future). Some shows involve the crowd getting crazy, but most involve an organic swaying or folks just staring dreary eyed. The applause at the end help reinforce that we didn't bore them.