A New Honour

A New Honour


Melodic, alternative rock laced with acoustic balladry and razor sharp lyrics. An honest rock band that compiles hard driving guitars, soaring harmonies and warm acoustics into songs that deliver a message of hope. We play heartfelt, intelligent music that challenges the every day, radio cliche.


A New Honour is an emerging alternative rock band from Winnipeg, Canada that came together in September 2006. A line up change of the original three members forced the band find a new drummers and begin tracking their debut record at Studio 11 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thirty-six songs were narrowed down to 14 for the debut album “The Untitled Truce”. The album spawned their charting single “Artificial” which landed them a spot on two radio station compilation CD’s, “Power 97’s Class of 2007” and “Freq 107’s Local Heroes Frequency Vol. 1”.

The music can be best described as melodic alternative rock. The name sums it all up and describes the band’s attitude towards making music. A new creative outlet was formed and the ability to communicate and lift people up with their inspirational lyrics was seen as an honour to the band. The name, A New Honour, was what the band had been searching for all along.

One of the most impressive facts about the band is their age. All being under 23 years old, the youngest member being 19, the band can only grow stronger in time. Writing songs since the age of 15, songwriter William Prince's talents improve daily and push the band's talent to a whole new level. With lyrics that flow effortlessly alongside well-constructed guitar riffs, it is easy to see why the band has become one of the most played unsigned rock bands on PureVolume.com, and are climbing the charts on MySpace daily.

The band has managed to create an online buzz on sites such as Myspace, Purevolume and Garageband. They have been featured in many newspapers receiving rave reviews for their performances and debut CD. Along with these accolades the band was awarded a special feature on CTV’s Spotlight with Sylvia Kuzyk. A New Honour are no strangers to the airwaves as they have done numerous radio spots on Power 97 and Freq 107 in Winnipeg, as well as receive daily airplay on Winnipeg's primary rock radio stations. On the strength of ‘Artificial’ the band went on to become the runner’s up in the first annual Hard Rock Café/EMI Great Canadian Band Challenge which started with over five hundred online music submissions. At the same time, the band was crowned the regional winners of the nationwide Mazda Muzik Tour in 2008.

Now here in Winnipeg is a developing new force in alternative music. The band has done all the work necessary to build a strong home fan base and are excited to take their show on the road this summer. With a solid debut album under their belt and a fistful of accomplishments, A New Honour is a band certainly on their way to success. Be sure to catch them online, on tour, and gracing the airwaves of your local rock station.


The Untitled Truce - 14 Track LP Released March 14/2008

Set List

Our set is usually upwards of 45 minutes to an hour consisting of our original songs. When we do tackle covers they are from our catalog of favorite bands such as Big Wreck, Our Lady Peace, Switchfoot, Lifehouse and many more.

Current cover: These Are The Days by The Exies