A New Hope

A New Hope


We play different styles of music. It's hard for us to be categorized in just one or two genres. We enjoy our music and are very proud of it. We know that's cliche to say, so we would put ourselves into a emo/punk/metal mix.


Above a band A New Hope a group of friends in high school who really enjoy music. A New Hope started with Brandon and Jordan, and after a few attempts with other members they discovered Joe and Dave who really filled out the band, when Jordan took up vocals they needed another member to rotate with guitar and bass they found another friend in Eric who was more than suitable to play with them.

Their influences can be everything from heavier metal bands like Dio and Pantera, to ska bands like Reel Big Fish, to emo groups like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New.


Nothings over

Written By: Jordan Davis

I don’t want to do this anymore
Don’t want to end lives any more
I’m ready to die

I don’t want to do this anymore
Don’t want to end lives any more
I’m ready to die

This fight is almost over
This battle’s nearly won
Your fault you will regret this
The rapture has become

You say you don’t like my kind
Just a washed up has been soldier
You tell me that it’s ended
I tell you nothings over

Maybe I should have stopped this
Just turned and walked away
But my friend it aint that simple
I can’t forget that day

I risked it for your freedom
Heroes welcome should have been mine
But now I feel the backlash
This heroes been denied

Nothings over
Nothing ends


We have a demo out at the moment with four songs.

Set List

Growing Faster (Original) 4:36
Reaper (Original) 4:14
Bitter (Original) 2:40
Nothings Over (Original) 3:43
Annual Ever After (Orginal) 3:40
I Miss You (Blink 182 cover) 3:47
Brain Stew (Green Gay cover) 2:49