Ange Boxall

Ange Boxall

 London, England, GBR

Ange Boxall is a Singer Songwriter from Tasmania, currently based in London, UK. Her new album, Writing Letters, offers a blend of folk, country and adult pop. It features guests; JD Souther, Jim Lauderdale, The Wrights, Steve Arlene and Pedal Steel virtuoso, BJ Cole.


Tasmanian born songstress Ange Boxall landed on the shores of England some ten years ago, with little more than a backpack and her Maton guitar, Pearl.

Planning to stay no longer than a year, the rich mix of European destinations, wonderful people and a diverse music scene have fueled the fire and nurtured a successful career.

However, not fully content, the draw from across the pond has been strong. Trips to the USA have been frequent and a blossoming love affair with Nashville's 'Music City' has seen collaborations with successful artists such as JD Souther, Jim Lauderdale and The Wrights, as heard on her new album, Writing Letters.

The album began it's recording with Anges ‘Wagon Band’ (Alan Gregg, Paul Lush and Steve Brooks), at Konk Studios (of Ray Davies fame) and was then taken to Nashville for the final overdubs, mixing and mastering.
Other musicians on the album include the legendary BJ Cole on pedal steel, Eric Silver on guitars, Richard Causon and Tim Lauer on keys.

Influenced by American folk and country sounds, Ange has always drawn inspiration from the singers she grew up listening to such as Carole King, Karen Carpenter, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline and Dusty Springfield, as well as Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega and Sheryl Crow.
Ange's own sound is often likened to her contemporaries Tift Merritt, Mindy Smith, Kathleen Edwards and a favourite, Patty Griffin.

She sings songs about love, whether it's the longing for, mysteries of, forbidden or foolish. She writes about relationships between family members, lovers and running away. Her ideas come from experiences, observations and fantasies, as a means of self understanding and explanation.

Whilst remaining eternally positive and optimistic, each song is crafted with careful consideration and enduring passion. Savouring the detailed web of song writing, the real craft of making music and the collaborative nature of the process itself, her direction is clear.

Physical journeys have similarly taken her far and wide, from her remote homeland (home also to the famous Tasmanian Devil), from Morocco to Cambodia, New York to Istanbul.

Her journey has been long. Her smile remains wide and her capacity to capture the poetry of music seemingly boundless..


Lucky Day

Written By: Ange Boxall / JD Souther


You came here from somewhere
An ocean away
But we happen to meet
In the usual way

I said, Hey are you blushing
Or did the sun kiss your cheek
You smiled and said
It's been raining all week

So why don't we meet up
Again in the morning
The sun might just come out to play
Might be our lucky day

I'd like to get to know you more
I love the way you talk
We could have a bite to eat
And take a little walk

Down the street
Through the park
We could stop now and then
Nobody else needs to know where we've been

So why don't you stay here
Right through the evening
There's so many things yet to say
About our lucky day

I'm so glad I found you
My arms just grow around you
Every time we kiss
We're holding each other
Like there could never be another
Moment like this

With sweat on our skin
And the moon in our eyes
It feels like forever
But time never lies

It's six in the morning
The plane's on its way
And I miss you already
I wish I could stay

So lets meet again
The sooner the better
I'll be dying 'til I hear you say
I'm on my way
For one more lucky day
And another lucky day
Oh lucky day

Loving Between The Lines

Written By: Ange Boxall / Jim Lauderdale


I put on your favourite shoes
Now which dress will I choose
The one that says I'm fine
Or the one that has the blues

I walk down the stairs
Like a woman who never cares
But I can't decide
Between torture, truth or dares

You don't come out and say
We can't live this way
So 'til the end of time
We'll be loving between the lines

Loving between the lines
You have to look inside
What we seem to hide
When we're loving between the lines
Oh it's a different kind

I take off the shoes
You look so confused
My feet are getting cold
But I've got nothing left to lose

You take them in your hands
As though you silently understand
And hold them near your heart
Just like a loving man

Still you don't come out and say
We can't live this way
So 'til the end of time
We'll be loving between the lines

So many years together
Forget how to tell each another
We're loving… between the lines


Fool For Now

Written By: Ange Boxall / Shannon Wright / Adam Wright


Paint and plaster
The puppet master
Makes another pretty thing
You take me down
We dance around
I just smile every time
You pull the string

I can give you what you want
Baby just show me how
I can give you what you need
I'll be your fool for now

You write the song
I'll sing along
Any key will do
I know the part
Where you break my heart
I should know better than to
Love someone like you


I've done everything
What else can I do


Electric Blue

Written By: Ange Boxall


Your eyes turn blue from green
Like I've never seen besides the sea
Electric blue and electric me

Under the moon a movie scene
Seems like a dream caught in between
Electric blue and electric me

Every time I see your face
I know I have to go
Oh your eyes

I know you from long ago
In another time at another show
Electric blue and electric me
Want to run away
Won't you come with me

Now you’re a memory, a fantasy
How could it be?
Electric blue and electric me

Though I can't forget your face
I know I'll let it go
Oh your eyes

The Salt Plains

Written By: Ange Boxall

The Salt Plains

Blinded by the darkness of his eyes
She shyly turns to one side
He holds his gaze on her flushed skin
She nervously breathes in

He wants her
She wants him

They say that it’s like riding a bike
They can’t know what it’s like
She wants to ride over the hill
But something inside keeps her still

He wants her
She wants him

Riding through the salt plains
Ooh, tasting all the years
Riding through the salt plains
Of sweat and tears

It’s been so long since she’s been held
To her it feels like a brand new world
She's taken back to sweet sixteen
Going some place she’s not been

He wants her
She wants him

Riding through the salt plains
Ooh, tasting all the years
Riding through the salt plains
Of sweat and tears


'Writing Letters' - Out via Proper Distribution (UK) Nov 2010
Due for a US release on RedEye in Aug 2011

Singles from Writing letters:

'Fool For Now' with The Wrights

'Lucky Day' with JD Souther

'Loving Between The Lines' with Jim Lauderdale

'The Salt Plains'

'Electric Blue'

Last album: 'Release' 2005

Various tracks have radio + internet play throughout UK, Australia, USA & Norway.

Various tracks used for documentary 'The Amazing Adventures of a Nobody' USA series 2 & 3

Set List

Writing Letters in My Sleep
Fool For Now
Loving Between The Lines
The Salt plains
Electric Blue
Lucky day
Mystery Man
Brigitte Bardot & Tuesday Weld
Going Home on a Sunday
Gonna Give It Up
The Great Divide
Into The Wind

One set is approximately 40-60 minutes

*All original material.