Well we are a group of guys that like to make music. We all like jamming out togather to what we do best. Also we just like to have fun.


Well let me tell you a little about us, we are "Angel." The band consist of six members. Erik(21) and Craig(20) on guitar followed by Mat(23) on bass. Joe(18) on the drums, Abe(20) vocals and Cruz(17) screams. We play because we love music and can't live without it. We love seeing people jam out to what we do best and the energy that they give us to keep on playing. The name "Angel" is that of one of our great friends and fellow band mate who recently passed. Angel was his middle name. We used his middle name to remember what a great person he was. We come from a small town with about 15000 people. Rochelle, IL is what we call it. That’s were we all grew up and began our experimentation with music. We've come a long way since the beginning but nothing is going to stop us.....again.


Well we are going to putting a ep out soon. heres a link to our myspace.


Set List

we play five songs and takes up to about half hour.