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Fayetteville, AR | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Fayetteville, AR | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Alternative Alternative




"RoadTrip Nation Artist"

Oxygen Edge continues to speak her Truth through strong lyrics and enticing melodies. A singer, songwriter, musician, composer, music producer, film producer, painter, photographer, editor – Oxygen explores all aspects of art to generate the tones and twists her fans have come to love.
Oxygen has performed nationally and internationally with numerous bands. She began performing as a solo act in 2006. She produces, composes, and performs all of her own original music. - RoadTrip Nation

"Health Organization to Host Benefit Concert"

Wendy Edge (right) and Angela “Oxygen” Edge (left) pose on the set of the Bulldozer Health Show where the hosts discuss medical freedoms, interview medical contemporaries among other health topics. Oxygen Edge will be one of the musicians performing Sept. 20 at George’s Majestic Lounge for the Bulldozer Health Benefit Concert, where proceeds will go to those who can’t afford aid.

About two years ago, Wendy Love Edge was diagnosed with dermatomyositis, an autoimmune disease that eats skin and muscle cells, causing her to temporarily live in a wheelchair.

She was soon prescribed 16 different drugs to combat the illness and, in some cases, ease the side effects of some of the rougher drugs she was on. Her life quickly changed to needing constant aid, and frequent expensive trips to the doctor. Her doctors told her she would either die from the illness, or from the drugs. She felt bulldozed by all of it, Edge said.

In Arkansas, if a patient does not pay the health care provider in full for the previous visit, the patient cannot return. This nearly bankrupted her and her wife’s resources and provoked them to move to Massachusetts where different, more accessible health care was available. After moving and going through a divorce with her wife — who left in order to inspire Edge to find independence again — she made a commitment to better herself and wean herself off the bevy of medications she was taking.

In the course of one month, Edge got off seven of her medications. This caused many withdrawal symptoms, which led her to replace her pharmaceuticals with medicinal marijuana for its benefits toward treating inflammation, anxiety and other withdrawal symptoms. Her condition improved, and she was soon gaining more energy and able to exercise. This led to seeking treatment from chiropractors, trying medicinal herb treatment and questioning whether she really needed all those other drugs in the first place.

“The first time I smoked marijuana, I had so much pain,” Edge said. “I was on morphine around the clock, percocet four times a day and I was on anxiety drugs. The first time I smoked it, I felt it just go down my back and it took the pain right away. It was crazy.”

No health care provider covers alternative health care options such as medicinal marijuana, and Edge had to pay for all of her new treatments independently.

That was when the idea for her nonprofit Bulldozer Health began, with the imagery of a bulldozer moving a load of pills away. The organization works to empower others to take control of their own health and increase awareness of alternatives other than the world of pharmaceuticals. This can be costly and unattainable for many, so her organization raises money to benefit those in need who apply for aid.

“It’s really about empowering people with their health,” Edge said. “I want people to know their health is in their hands. Many people don’t realize that because I think we’re trained from a young age that if you don’t feel well you’re going to go to the doctor and they’re going to do something to you. Really, the first step should be more like “How can I create change to improve my health?” and knowing you can do that.”

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable sectors in the United States. As reported in 2012, Americans spend more than $271 billion on prescription medicines every year. Drug therapy spending amounts to a total of $300 billion, including over-the-counter drug remedies,valued at $31 billion, according to research by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

While Edge is in favor of promoting awareness for alternative health care, she does think pharmaceuticals can play their part, they just shouldn’t be the only option available, she said. She still uses one prescribed drug, she said.

“I’m hoping we’re going to have new national insurance that’s a little better,” Edge said. “I’m glad some people who weren’t uninsured are insured under the Affordable Health Care act, but really that only covers pills, tests and surgery. So I want to be able to talk about how we can go about something that could give people true health.”

This Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5:30 p.m., Sept. 20, Bulldozer Health is organizing a benefit concert at George’s Majestic Lounge where all of the proceeds will go to benefit people seeking to try alternative health care and can’t afford it independently. The event will be for ages 18 and up. There will also be a silent auction during the event with several items donated from local shops, restaurants and services.

The concert will feature Isayah Warford, Ginger Doss, Ariband (who’s coming from Massachusetts), OxygenEdge and Buffalo Hustle. The music will be going on throughout the event in the Garden room. In the front lounge section of George’s there will be several booths set up by local alternative health care providers for attendees to network and learn more about health options locally.

With the money raised — tickets are $10 at the door or at — Bulldozer Health’s board of directors will review applicants needs and donate money to the corresponding health care provider on behalf of the person in need. In Angie’s List fashion, providers are listed on the organization’s website, as well as reviews.

If in need, potential recipients can send an email to explaining what they need. Bulldozer Health’s board of directors will decide on a first come first serve basis with the highest needs addressed first. All decisions of the board of directors are final.

Bulldozer Health Concert

When: Sunday, Sept. 20 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Where: George’s Majestic Lounge,

Who: Isayah Warford, Ginger Doss, Oxygen Edge, Buffalo Hustle, Ariband - The Free Weekly

"The Oxygen Edge"

Musician/Band of the Week: Oxygen Edge
Musician, songwriter holding fundraiser to travel west

By Richard Davis
TFW Staff Writer

Local musician Oxygen Edge will be hitting the road for a bit in a rare opportunity to perform June 25-26 at San Francisco Pride.
With the high price of gas, travel isn’t cheap, and Oxygen is hoping to raise $3,000 to cover the cost of heading west. She’ll perform Thursday, June 16 at 8 p.m. at Ultra Studios in Fayetteville to help put some money in the coffers. The cover is a $5 donation, but naturally, larger contributions will be accepted.

Oxygen also answered some questions about herself and her music for the Musician/Band of the Week.

TFW: Talk a bit about San Francisco Pride and what it means for you to play there.
Oxygen: This is an opportunity for me to play in front of thousands of people who might otherwise have not heard me play at this point in my career. It means a lot to me to be invited to play at one of the biggest Pride events in the nation — something bigger than myself. So many historical events toward equality have occurred recently, so it makes me feel even more grateful to have this opportunity.

(Photo: Angela Peace) Oxygen Edge

TFW: When is Pride and how soon do you need the money to make sure you can get there?
Oxygen: Pride is the weekend of June 25-26. I will be playing on the Women’s stage on June 26. Truthfully, I needed the money yesterday. We will be accepting donations through the end of June to help cover the costs.

TFW: What do you have planned for the show at Ultra Studios?
Oxygen: I will be playing an hour and a half of music, and my longtime musical colleague and friend Jori Costello will be joining me. We’ll be showcasing some of my new music and playing some of my old favorites. Jori and I have also written music together in the past, and will be sharing those songs with the audience as well. We’ll be raffling off one of my original paintings, CDs and some of my photography. It’s going to be a fun evening for all. I am thankful to Brooke Benham from Ultra Studios for hosting this event.

TFW: Talk about touring with SONiA and Disappear Fear. Where did you travel to? Any fond memories or crazy stories from the tour?
Oxygen: Traveling with Disappear Fear allowed me to grow as a musician and an artist. We started our tour in Florida, then up the East Coast, ending in Montreal for the National Folk Alliance Conference.
After that initial tour, I continued with the band, and we were all over the U.S. We traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast, and then back, playing at festivals such as High Sierra Music Festival, SXSW and the main stage at Kerville Music Festival. I was introduced to many different styles of music and challenged to create my own style, which is what I did when I decided to leave the band and work on my own original music.
The best part about traveling with Disappear Fear was meeting my future wife. She has been the most supportive influence in encouraging me to be a strong independent musician.

TFW: How would you describe your music? What do you think a layman would peg you as genrewise?
Oxygen: I actually put a survey up online to help me describe my music. No one has been able to pigeonhole me into one genre or another, which I take great pride in. Some of my influences growing up have been artists such as Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, The Cranberries and Edie Brickell. This wide variety may explain why one can’t quite associate my music to one specific genre.

TFW: Talk about being nominated for an Out Music Award.
Oxygen: The CD which was nominated for an Out Music Award was called “DF05 Live.” This was the first album that we put out while on tour with Disappear Fear. On this album, I played trumpet and bass guitar. It is quite an honor to be a part of something that has been recognized nationally by the LGBT community.

TFW: Is Oxygen Edge your real name or a nickname? What is the Oxygen Edge? Do you gain more power the more air you breathe? Can you mentally create a razorsharp blade composed entirely of O2? Or can you see the edge of oxygen atoms? If so, just how sharp is an oxygen molecule?
Oxygen: Angela Edge is my given name. I received the nickname “Oxygen” while touring. I was told that my presence made it easier to breathe in the small minivan in which we were traveling. The power of breath is quite important, when (in tiny spaces) you find yourself trapped. As far as creating a razor sharp blade, I believe in the power of visualization and in creating your own future. So, with that, a razor sharp blade may be useful in disengaging yourself from the wrappings of small spaces. And how sharp is an Oxygen molecule? Oh, I am pretty sharp, but I do believe in moderation.

TFW: Tell us about growing up and learning to play bass. You started playing in a Pentecostal church (I grew up in Pentecostal church too, just FYI). Do you still have those or any religious beliefs and how have - The Free Weekly

""I'm Still Here" by Oxygen Edge"

"It's a kick ass dance party of cool and calculated melodic synergy." - Bekah Kelso of GBmojo - Gbmojo

"Jori Costello"

“…..gutsy singing voice as she belts out……a wide variety of voice and instinctively knows how to deliver a variety of songs with tons of feeling and inflection. Her guitar playing – infectious, melodic, precise…..seamless performance.” - Ozark Gazette

"Oxygen Edge"

Oxygen Edge is the biggest treat of all! She will join Big Bad Gina for 3 sets, adding her delicious harmonies, smooth-as-silk bass lines and hard-hitting, yet mystical original tunes! - Big Bad Gina

"Angela "Oxygen" Edge"

"Angela "Oxygen" Edge was nominated for an Out Music Award for Outstanding New Record, DF05 Live, while working and touring with SONiA and Disappear Fear...Angela “Oxygen” Edge is a brilliant singer/songwriter and performer." - Jay Says @ Closet Talk

"Fayetteville Band of The Week"

Fayetteville Free Weekly: "Band of the Week", Big Bad Gina, with featured Guest- Oxygen Edge - Fayetteville Free Weekly

"Jorian Oxygen"

"Jorian Oxygen- from delicately ephemeral jazz, to hard edgy rock- this soulful duo is a sweetly diverse diversion." - Emily Kaitz - Emily Kaitz

"Jori Costello"

“…..Costello is big sound. Her talent and crystal clear voice and delivery could carry her to any stage of any size.” - Fayetteville Free Weekly - Fayetteville Free Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



Angela Edge's music is a construction of creative experiences that are continually evolving.   Her background includes time spent at the University of Arkansas majoring in Music Education, as well as touring nationwide as a bassist and trumpeter.  She is a multi-instrumentalist and is often seen playing bass, trumpet, piano, guitar.   She has dabbled in production of digital music for use on a visual platform, as well as produced her own tracks and music videos.

 Her most recent discography is "Harmless- Angela Edge Live at Stage Eighteen",  and "Burning Paper" are available on Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes. 

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