Angela Gaber Trio

Angela Gaber Trio


The effect of 3 different personThe trio delivers a combination of ethnic and experimental sounds through a wide range of instruments. Utilizing a multi-instrumental scheme, the trio blends sounds of the saxophone, guitar, Armenian duduk, ambient synth, warm vocals, and experimental improvisations.


Angela Gaber Trio is a Polish-Kazakh musical project.

The Trio was founded in 2011 in the Polish Bieszczady Mountains, where the they live and work.
In March 2013, they released their debut album "Opowiesci z Ziemi"("Tales from the Earth.")
Angela Gaber Trio was one of the bands awarded at the :
International Folk Music Festival "Mikolajki Folkowe 2012" ("Santa's Folk")
Anna Treter's Festival of Creativity "Korowod 2012" and" Grechuta's Festival 2011 ".
The Trio's music is a blend of soothing electro-acoustic sounds infused by traditional folk .
They create music for the theaters, soundtracks, and live performances.
Their improvisational core and ability to collaborate are the essence of their progression as a group.


"Opowiesci z Ziemi" 04.2013 LP - ("Tales from the Earth.")

Set List

Swieci miesiac
Ma ustav man
Piesn o smierci
Sto se beli mori gore
Przemijam do Ciebie
Plywe kacza po Tysyni