Angela Hill

Angela Hill


Angela Hill's career in music is truly on the rise as she currently holds the #6 spot on the Christian Country Top 100 chart. From her own music and lyrics, she will capture your heart, as well as breathe inspiration into your personal relationship with God.


I can only explain what I am hearing from God by sharing this word picture: God has told me that I am a racehorse. He has taught me how to turn to the right and the left (total obedience to Him) and now it's race day. He has walked me up to the race gate. I am so excited! I am closed in behind by the gate. My heart is pounding so strongly. The gate drops and I feel my master holding the reigns up as if to say "Whoa!", but He's not saying anything. I tell Him that I want to win this race. I show Him that the other horses have already taken off. But, He shows me that they don't have a rider. He tells me that when He says, "Go" then I will make a straight path for the finish line. The other horses are going to run around in a circle because they don't know which way to go.
I understand in my spirit what He's telling me. I want to be in His presence more than I want to use His anointing. Other musicians realize they have a gift from God, and go out and do it. But, God is telling me that even though He gave me my talents and my anointing, He wants me to pour myself out. I must lose my life before I find it. He wants to totally flow through me. Even though this is a slow road, I would rather go this way than to take one step without Him. So, for now, I am leading worship for Thomas McRae. I pray that God will continue to reveal more of His glory and power through my obedient heart.
If the day comes when God permits me to release another song, I will gladly do so, but until then, I am going to be pouring myself out so that He can use me.

WOW! GOD EXALTED MY SONG TO #6 on the "Christian Country Top 100". It's not there anymore, but I am still currently selling these cds. Just drop me a line at my email contact if you are interested.

I am a singer-songwriter that has been sent to the broken-hearted. (Is. 61) My songs are messages that God has taught me and I feel that he wants me to pass them on. Through the sudden death of my previous husband, and other various situations in my life, God has broken me to be poured out to his people.
Everything I do and will continue to do is for his glory! I have and will continue to wait patiently on his guidance to determine my next steps. As for now, I will continue to write songs and have them available until God gives me the band that he has been preparing for me, and cuts me loose to minister to his people. Hopefully, with everything he has taught me, I won't fall on my face! You can read my whole testimony at I have a cd available that has these 3 songs and another song of mine called True Love, for sale $10, plus shipping. You can contact me via email to purchase it. Share what God has done in your life with someone today, it may change their life.

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.” Luke 4:18

Angela Hill is a true woman of God. Blessed with many talents, her gift of music seems to be the one that catches the attention of all. Writing songs of hope and love, Angela uses her music to bring comfort and peace to all who hear them.

Angela is steadily building up a fan base in South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Texas. Her songs of hope have been gaining in popularity and have been catching the attention of venues and record labels Her debut song release “Daddy's Gone To Heaven” has enjoyed brisk sales and has had radio play all across the United States, earning her the #6 spot currently on the Christian Country Top 100

Her new cd release entitled "The Wiley One" is already catching attention. She plans to release this new albumn in the spring of 2006. It includes songs like "The Father's Love Letter, which is actually 100% from the Bible. It is as if you can hear Jesus singing the words to you. Other songs that are on here like "Walls of Fear" and "It's A God Thing" are all biblically-based and have an encouraging message or just a hard lesson that was learned like the song "Scars". Angela sings original music with very few covers; her music could be compared to the styles of Wynonna Judd, Patsy Cline and believe it or not, a blend of The Eagles if they sang Christian music.

Her projects have allowed her to work with great artists like Steven McCoy, Vance Sharpe, Richard Patterson and Ralph Cox, just to name a few.

Angela has a level of professionalism and stylistic comfort that shines through at their live performances. Her songs and performances portray a balance of style and true worship, while maintaining a high level of enthusiasm and energy, unlike any other.


The Wiley One

Written By: Angela Hill

There’s a devil on my left shoulder and an angel on my right
And in front of me a big temptation to do something bad tonight
The devil tries to tell me, Let’s go out and have some fun
But, the angel tells me girl, get your things and run
The devil tries to trick me and tell me it’s ok
He tells me to do what feels good and forget what others say
Now I remember in the Bible, how the devil is a wiley one
How he lies and tries to trick you, he even tempted God’s only son
So I told the devil to get off- of my shoulder and I said
I know the battle is in my mind, so quit messing with my head...

Father's Love Letter

Written By: Angela Hill

You may not even know me, but I know you
I know when you sleep and rise and I chose the color of your eyes
Your hairs are numbered on your head; I know the very words you’ve said
My thoughts are countless as the sands toward you
I am your father and you are my child
I delight in you and I want to give you your desires
Take my hand and walk with me and I will show you the way
I will be here for you everyday...

It's A God Thing!

Written By: Angela Hill

There was a man consumed by greed then he met Jesus and fell to his knees
He was bound for jail, but they let him go free- Yeh- yeh, it’s a God thing!
And another man was sick and just about to die; He was given another chance
And now he knows why; Yeh- Yeh- Yeh, it’s a God thing!
It’s a God thing! He’s the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! It’s a God thing!
He reigns supreme and He will forevermore.
Just look around and you’ll see all the lives He’s changed
When no one else could help; Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, it’s a God thing!...


Daddy's Gone to Heaven currently at #6 on Christian Country Top 100 chart

Set List

Dance In The Rain 5.08
It's A God Thing! 4.41
The Wiley One 2.38
Father's Love Letter 3.25
I Want To Be A Worshipper 3.38
Daddy's Gone To Heaven 3.58
Split Second/I Did This For You 4.03
Walls of Fear 3.17
The whole show takes about 45 minutes based on testimony content.