Angela Jackson

Angela Jackson

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Being a female lyricist, I have no choice but to describe my "band" as small, passionate and animated....a Hollywood girl that still says "y'all". I write lyrics of who people are and the experiences that made them that way. Whether male or female, from the city or country, we all pass through the same feelings in life....we just use different telling our stories.

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Written By: Angela Jackson

Texted me, thinking you’re so cool
Calling girls is so old school
Said’s how guys ask for a date
Think that I’ll take second rate?
You don’t know my Daddy

Didn’t come to my front door
Said you don’t do that no more
If there’s a problem with that
Walk ‘round to the door in back
And you can meet my Daddy

He’s the one
Who’ll tell you how
It’s to be done
Linebacker strong
And shotgun ready
So if you want to go steady
Repeat what you said
And tell it to my Daddy

Made the moves our first night out
Thought that I would just put out
If you sang a couple songs
Seems you’ve got this girl all wrong
I was raised by my Daddy

There are rules in my house
If you don’t like them
Don’t let the door hit you
On the way out