Angela Jane Bachmann

Angela Jane Bachmann

 Long Beach, California, USA

Playing shows from The Denver Post Underground Music, to The Bell House Theater in Brooklyn, currently playing and recording in SoCal, Angela is known for her powerful voice, and elevating instrumental stage performance. "Angela Jane Bachmann is wild pop music for smart people" - Deli Magazine


Angela Jane began her career, like many artists, in New York City, by chance. A young hair stylist, she was offered a job at a well known salon on The Upper East Side. Moving from Denver, Colorado, to New York she quickly found herself deep in the music scene. Through collaborations with artists such as Chain Gang of 1974, and Pictureplane, Angela Jane found herself being mentioned in articles from Russia to France. She began playing open mics in Manhattan, to opening for large touring bands in Brooklyn venues. Known for her natural improvisation, and style, she soon found herself performing with a full band, The Antiquists. Playing her last show in New York City summer of 2010, Angela Jane moved to Long Beach, CA to record 30 songs with musician Steve Choi (RX Bandits). In addition to recording she has been performing throughout Southern California her collection of new and old songs.


Angela Jane EP #1
Angela Jane EP #2
Angela Jane and The Antiquists EP #3
"Hangs" split with The Maykit, All Human, Angela Jane

Just released EP #4; West