Angela Kinczly

Angela Kinczly


Intimate songwriting mixed with a trip into electric sounds, melting different influences into a unique “electrofolk” style.


Angela Kinczly is an artistic alter ego born in the foggy country of Northern Italy in 2005. Angela Scalvini, conservatory trained, after an intensive period of playing with genuine rockers Sin' Sound, met electronic artist Isacco Zanola and experimental guitarist Maurizio Rinaldi, thus melting her passion for songwriting with jazz influences, electronic sounds and hybrid atmosphere. This profitable collaboration is at the base of “The Legendary Indian Aquarium and Other Stories”, published in 2006 for the local indie label Kandinski Records, which received very good reviews and allowed Angela to perform all over Italy.
Among other projects, Angela recorded with percussionist Beppe Gioacchini “Killer Loop”, a song contained in the compilation “Le donne della città” (Shinseiki, 2007). Moreover, since 2006 she has begun a fruitful collaboration with the all-feminine trio Freaky Mermaids.


Stay By My Side

Written By: Angela Kinczly

I want to be pure
Cry out all my fears
Tear the veil away from the mask
That covers my eyes, I know it’s a hard task
Through speculation, or by means of invention
I’ll create my own protections
No, it’s just a matter of liberation
It’s really the case to be sincere

I want to be true
To you and to me
First I’ll say that you should at least listen
To the story I’ll tell, it’s already a big step ahead
Through he hidden zones, lurking in my breast
A light will shine on them
And it will brighten all the rest
Or it will be dark forever

Stay by my side, don’t tell me lies
To which I can’t reply
Stay by my side, tell me I’m right
and you won’t do me wrong

I want to live through the cycles of life
Be trespassed by nature’s events
And follow the flow
Of the rhythm in the air
Fall winter spring and summer
Spring summer fall and winter
Year after year
The glamour of the fake will disappear
Things are not the way they first appear

I want to make sure
That I can make it on my own
That’s why I calculate with no results
Who knows if I mind, if I’m not in love
What I miss that much is just your look on me
Your look so lovingly
Say, I’m prepared to face the day
When all those troubles are meant to be vain

Stay by my side, don’t tell me lies
To which I can’t reply
Stay by my side, tell me I’m right
and you won’t do me wrong


[Demo1] Angela Kinczly, 2005
[Demo2] Me and You, 2006
The Legendary Indian Aquarium and Other Stories, 2006
[Compilation] Co.Dar.Di Band Syndacate, 2006
[Compilation] Le Donne della città Shinseiki+Palcogiovani, 2008