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"Nashville Music City Search Winner"

Angela has been chosen as a winner in the Music City Search of Nashville-2001- artist category - Northrup Entertainment


Q: When did you start singing?
A: I've been singing ever since I can remember, but my first real performance, on a stage in front of an audience was when I was five. It was for a musical at our church.

Q: What was your largest audience?
A: About 15,000 people - when I sang the National Anthem for the Golden State Warriors (professional basketball team) in California.

Q: What was your most memorable performance? A: I guess all 14 performances during one month (in 2004) for the USA troops in the United Kingdom, Norway, Portugal, Italy and Turkey. What a blessing to have the opportunity to sing for such incredible audiences.

Q: What singers have influenced you most? A: Shania Twain, The Judds, Tanya Tucker, Patsy Cline, Gretchen Wilson, Elvis

Q: Is it true you helped name and establish your own publishing and record company?
A: Yes

Q: How old were you when you co-wrote, recorded and released your first single?
A: I was 14 years old. My single was a dance song and it played on lots of radio stations across the United States and Canada. It was fun performing it with my dancers and talking with DJ's on their radio shows. Radio listeners in the LA area picked it as their choice in the "Loose It or Groove It" contest.

Q: How old are you now? Did you go to college? A: I am 21 years old and earned a Liberal Arts degree from Los Medanos College in California. I also attended MTSU in Tennessee, majoring in Recording Industry - Music Business. Currently I am devoting all my time to my music career.

Q: What CD releases have you been on?
A: "My Heart Is Here" - Get Shorty Records - CA

"Gotta Get Up" from album by Jo-E on JGM Records - CA

Featured on "Fantasy Freestyle" Compilation by Larry Vee Entertainment - Connecticut

"You're The One" on "In Da Mix Second Episode" compilation by Slammin' Entertainment - CA

Q: When did you move to Nashville and why did you decide to pursue a career in country music?
A: I moved to Nashville, TN in August of 2003. I have always loved country music but I knew it was my destiny when the only songs coming out of my head and heart were country (when I was writing songs). I guess country music chose me. Steve Seskin had a major impact on my country music pursuit. Because of a demo he produced for me, I was chosen as a finalist in the Music City Search of Nashville contest in 2001. On my many trips to Nashville since then, I have met many wonderful people here in Nashville who have greatly influenced or mentored me: Scott Haugen, Jerry Crutchfield, Keith Anderson, John Northrup, Pam Lewis, Chuck Howard, Rod Essig and Carl Strube and many wonderful song writers. My love and thanks to all of them.

Q: Who are some of the song writers you have written with in Nashville?
A: Kevin Wayne, Dan McCorison, Gerald Smith, Larry Alderman and Tony Colton

Q: Do you have any advice for other aspiring performers?
A: Have a dream and work each day to make it come true. - Northrup Entertainment


"My Heart Is Here" - Get Shorty Records - CA

"Gotta Get Up" from album by Jo-E on JGM Records - CA

Featured on "Fantasy Freestyle" Compilation by Larry Vee Entertainment - Connecticut

"You're The One" on "In Da Mix Second Episode" compilation by Slammin' Entertainment - CA



Everyone who gets to know Angela Martinez calls her an old soul. Passing by this twenty-one year old Californian on the street, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Even chatting momentarily with the striking Latina wouldn’t give her away. It’s only when she lets her emotive vocal chops tell her story that the old soul emerges. If the eyes are the window to the soul, the voice is the door. And for Angela Martinez, whether it be in Spanish or English, it is that tradition and heartbreak of Country Music, that her old soul must sing.

“I found country music organically; it was not a conscious decision. Every time I sat down to write, nothing but country music came out. What moved from my head and heart to the song sheet was country, so I figured why fight it; it must just fit my soul,” says Angela. That musical country soul, coupled with a family rich in tradition and culture, created a need to not only do Country Music, but to express it bilingually. The country influence is compliments of her mother’s upbringing on a Nebraska farm; the Latin is from her father and his family. Her father grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, founded in 1610 by Spanish Conquistadores and is still rich in Hispanic traditions.

Angela’s ancestors were farmers, soldiers and bandits. Angela’s great-great grandfather on her mother’s side left his farm for four years to fight in the civil war. Angela’s great-grandfather on her father’s side was a weaver and Mexican folk-singer who rode with the legendary Pancho Villa. Angela enjoyed both influences as she grew up in the northern California town of Antioch, which has a large Latin community that Angela immersed herself in. Her love of this great culture inspired Angela, as a first grader, to learn her native Spanish language. Ever since then, it has been natural for Angela to bridge the two languages fluently in her song writing. “Both languages emote country music perfectly and it’s the way you sing it that touches the audience. It’s the depth of the emotion that communicates, not just the definition of the words you’re using,” Angela says of the blending of her music.

The old soul is always present as Angela describes her early obsession with Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.” “I was obsessed with it at seven years old, the same way I am now. Her vocals on it are so haunting and soulful, a classic ‘goose bumps song’. I can sing it in the right key now, but at seven I would sing it a couple of keys higher than Patsy.” That young obsession boasts Angela’s maturity.
Her early love of “Crazy” hinted at her depth of heart. In addition to her own pain and struggles, heartbreak was a contact sport for her. She watched and felt the pain of the countless trials her older brother, sister and close friends suffered, and at twenty-one has lived through more of her own struggles than she’d like to say. They say to be a song writer; one must go out and live so you know what you’re talking about. With Angela, it worked backwards in a sense. She was doing the living and the only way to stay sane was to write.

Song writing led her to the Northern California Songwriter’s Association and eventually to her mentor, the noted songwriter Steve Seskin (Tim McGraw, Waylon Jennings, Mark Wills, Pam Tillis, John Michael Montgomery, and Alabama). Steve recognized her talent and love of country music and compelled her to make singing/songwriting more than just a means of therapy. Angela showed her commitment to country music by performing widely in Northern California and at age 17 Angela began traveling between Nashville and California. These jaunts became more frequent and in August 2003, Angela and her parents made a permanent move to Music City. She began attending MTSU, pursuing a Journalism/Public Relations degree while making music her priority.

Her immediate priority is to get a chance for more people to hear her music. This has been her dream since she was five years old, when she delighted local ice cream parlor patrons with her version of “Oh Donna,” recorded on her Fisher Price recorder. Her greatest joy comes from sharing her soul through her songs and performances.

Another dream of hers is to be a role model in the Latin community. “This part of my heritage has always uplifted me. I want to do well and honor that influence.” And like one of her main influences, Selena, Angela would like to take on that responsibility. Loftier goals would be to tour internationally like another idol, Shania Twain. “Her live performances have had a huge influence on me. She puts all she has, time and energy, into a show. It’s because of that, that she is received with open arms anywhere in the world.” And while Angela’s old soul ties her songwriting and vocal style to artists like Tanya Tucker, she still, sometimes, twirls her hair, chews on her sunglasses, and smiles contagiously simply embodying her twenty-one years.