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"Angela Mukul Breaks 'Free' With Debut EP, New Music Video"

We hear all the stories about musicians who are at the top of their careers, but for each one of those there are a dozen others fighting to get where they are. How do you make the climb? BFTV checked in with Angela Mukul, who recently released her debut EP and is unveiling her music video today, to discuss how she's been building her resume and her brief but important brush with Hollywood.

Right now, it's all about Free, which came out last week. "All the songs are written by me," she explained. "And it's a really special because I was able to do this because of a Kickstarter campaign that was successful. It was a great experience. It's still a great experience, to have that support and to be able to connect with people that maybe I didn't even know. It's been really rewarding, fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards. Someone asked me to write a song for his wife's birthday. A lot has gone into this EP and I'm just excited to have it out."

She's now hoping to move on to the next steps for any artist with an EP: touring and a full-length album. "I definitely would love to start [touring]. I kind of have gotten started in the college market, performing on campuses. That's kind of the new thing for me," she said, adding that she hopes Free will allow her to put out a longer release later on. "My goal with this was to do it independently on my own, and then hopefully get some representation to be able to complete an album in the future." You'll be able to catch Angela live on September 8 at the House of Blues West Hollywood Voodoo Lounge, with a CD release show to be announced later.

Angela's biggest exposure to date came when she was one of the artists working with Gloria Estefan on The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep, The CW's attempt at creating a singing competition series that was cancelled after one season. Since The Next didn't reach the heights of American Idol or The Voice, we asked Angela if the show still benefited her career.

"I'm proud of being on The Next; that was great," she told us. "It certainly was not what it would've been like if it was American Idol or The Voice. But it was really a wonderful experience. I'd never performed on national TV before and [to get to] kind of see how that works, and of course working with Gloria. She still keeps in touch and she's so sweet. It really was an invaluable opportunity.

"It didn't get me the same visibility as one of the other shows or get me signed to some label, but I really think it worked out for the best," she continued. "It gave me the opportunity to still continue on my own. Because sometimes with those huge shows, you get locked in and that show's name is just attached to you, I feel that it was actually a really good thing."

Along those lines, Angela hasn't had to shake the 'reality TV artist' label that folks on those bigger shows sometimes have to. "Not really so much. It still is somewhat attached, but not as if it would be on another show," she said. "It definitely has helped, though, the fact that I was on a TV show and got to work with someone like Gloria. I have a lot of other stuff going on, and the show has been like a tool to help me progress. I've been lucky not to be labeled."

While she continues to add to her resume, another accomplishment that she's proud of is her work with producer Jason Freese, after Angela came to his attention while performing a Jewel song during a set. "He used to work with Jewel a lot," Angela explained, "and that's why he came up and introduced himself. And I went on to work with him. He was pitching songs to Jewel and writing with her, so then I got to sing demos for her, and she complimented my voice. And I got to meet her!"

Though she might not be a household name just yet, getting to sing for the likes of Jewel and Gloria Estefan are already high points for the singer-songwriter who's been performing her whole life. "I've always been singing since I was like a baby. The turning point where I really discovered that I wanted to do this as a career was when I learned guitar and did my first little show at a coffee shop. That's when I started writing songs," Angela revealed. "Songwriting is really important to me, and writing about topics that people can relate to, and connecting with people."

What advice would she give other singer-songwriters who are likewise beginning the journey of their careeers? "To be yourself," Angela said. "Just really focus on being comfortable and being yourself and just - Starpulse and Examiner

"Angela Mukul moves to the next stage of her career with new EP"

It was during singer/songwriter Angela Mukul’s first solo performance in an Orange County coffee shop that she knew she was on to something.
“All my friends and family came and I just realized especially in that moment that singing was what I wanted to do,” Mukul says.
Since then, the California native has received mentorship from Gloria Estefan and performed on national American television.
Last month, Mukul (pron. McCool) released a six-track EP, Free, after successfully raising over $15,000 in donations online.
“I just really wanted to embody that word ‘free,’” Mukul says about her new album. “I describe my sound as pop with a touch of soul. I went through a breakup recently. It was probably the biggest one I’ve ever gone through. So that definitely influenced some of my writing. You’ll hear that on the EP.
Mukul describes how she is able to take the complexity of a relationship and translate it into something that people can relate too.
“I am concentrating on one emotion that you are feeling and I am just trying to describe that feeling. With each song there is a different emotion,” she says. “I like to take it piece by piece and have a theme for each song, and one emotion for each song that people can relate to.”
In order to finance production of her album Mukul turned to online donation website Kickstarter. The Californian set a goal to raise $10,000 over a 30-day period.
“It was very successful. I am still fulfilling the rewards. One of them, the backer asked that I write a song for his wife’s birthday,” she says. “It made me realize that maybe I should start a side thing where I can do this for people because I really enjoy being able to do that. She was happy with it and it was pretty cool.”
Mukul received over $15,000 from 72 different donors during that period.
“It’s really humbling. Just to see the generosity of people that don’t even know me is really cool,” she says.
Mukul graduated from California State University-Fullerton in 2011, where she majored in business and minored in music.
“I wrote the song ‘Free’ in my last semester of college. I was dying to get out and I wanted to move and the music thing,” Mukul says. “I wrote that song in front of a pile of homework in what felt like two minutes.”
Mukul’s major concentrated heavily on entertainment management. Her courses covered everything from accounting to the legal side of the industry, which she says has really helped her career as a solo artist.
“All of that has definitely helped and continues to help me in my career,” Mukul explains. “Knowing how to take care of the business is a lot. The backend business stuff is really time consuming and you still have find time to be creative and perform.”
In 2012, Mukul made her TV debut on CW Network’s reality program The Next: Fame Is at Your Door Step. The reality program featured Gloria Estefan, Joe Jonas, John Rich and Nelly as mentors to the contestants and aired across the United States.
“Performing on national television was something I’d never done before and it was amazing,” Mukul says. “It was really great, I can’t wait for the next time.”
The contest featured local artists from across the country including Cori Yarckin, Jenny Leigh and Tilky Jones. Although the Cal State graduate did not win the contest, she says she’s grateful to have had Estefan as her mentor.
“It was so awesome. She is just such a wonderful lady and I still talk to her,” Mukul says. “It was just a whirlwind. It went by so quick. She’s just like a mom really. She’s won so many Grammy’s and I just can’t believe the legacy that she has. It was such an honour to work with her and to be able to talk to her.”
Mukul says she learned how to be natural when performing in front of cameras most about her experience on The Next.
“In situations like that it is easy for people to get worked up and nervous but just really you have to go do your own thing and not care that there is all this pressure, and lights and cameras,” she says. “Really being natural is what I took away from it.”
Earlier this year Mukul was nominated for a 2013 Los Angeles Music Award for best female singer/songwriter.
“It is awesome. I really appreciate that recognition and nomination,” she says. “I am happy that I have that nomination, but I guess we will see in November how that turns out.”
For more information visit or follow her on Twitter: @AngelaMukul - See more at: - North Shore News

"Media Zone: Angela Mukul"

Angela Mukul is a local singer/songwriter who lives and works in Studio City. Angela was recently featured on the CW Network show The Next and her mentor was Gloria Estefan, who was especially complimentary on Angela's bluesy vocal tones. Angela performed Lady Gaga's You And I live at the Orpheum Theatre and also recorded the song in the studio. You can find You And I as well as some of Angela's original songs on iTunes.

Angela has been performing as a solo artist for over eight years and she has a strong on-line following spanning over twenty countries. Her style is pop with a touch of soul and she performs most often with acoustic guitar. Mukul recently played at the House of Blues and the Viper Room and continues to perform regularly in the area.

"I'm constantly songwriting about my experiences and those of others," says Angela. I seek to embody messages of love, empowerment, and optimist in my songs. My mission is to inspire and shine light on the world through my music."

Most people are really surprised to hear such a big soulful voice coming out of such a small body. "My goal has always been and will always be to make you smile."

For more information or to contact Angela Mukul, visit or email her at - Studio City Lifestyle Magazine

"Alumna gets big break on TV show"

Cal State Fullerton alumna Angela Mukul, 23, who was once pushing to get through college to pursue her music career, got her big break when she auditioned in January to be a contestant on the reality show, The Next.

Mukul initially auditioned for the pilot season of The Next. When the show was finally picked up by The CW, she was re-contacted to do several more auditions until she was chosen to be a contestant on the show.

She will compete with other local contestants to get to the final round, where she has a chance of winning a music contract with Atlantic records.

Coincidentally, while Mukul was attending CSUF she had her first internship with Atlantic Records as a sophomore.

“I just think that’s so crazy, I was laughing when I heard that. I was just thinking, ‘I’m not going to be this intern, you just wait, and I’m going to be an artist on the roster. But I’ll just keep my mouth closed and get my degree, and then get a kick out of it later,’” said Mukul.

While in college she auditioned for American Idol, which Mukul said was just an open call.

This was a completely different experience than The Next, because this show was looking for contestants that already have a fan base.

They filmed her segment (she won’t find out if she won the Los Angeles round until her episode airs) at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, where she was able to invite her family and friends to watch her compete.

Each contestant on The Next is mentored by a music mogul. Mukul spent 72 hours being mentored by Latin artist Gloria Estefan, who paid her a visit at her home.

“It’s awesome to be in the presence (of her) and hear her advice,” Mukul said. “She really just helped me to feel comfortable with who I am as an artist, (she) just reaffirmed me to stay natural and it just felt good to hear that from someone like Gloria Estefan.”

Mukul graduated with a business degree with an emphasis in entertainment management and a music minor.

Even though she wanted to pursue a music career she knew she had to finish and get a degree.

She is a first generation college graduate, but she said it was her mother who pushed her to get her degree, and it was the music that kept her going.

Mukul pushed her way through, because she didn’t want to be in school any longer than she had to be. She wanted her degree and she wanted to sing.

She said that anyone who is trying to pursue a music career while still in school should push through it, even though it’s hard work pursuing both.

Mukul said in the long run it will pay off because later on in life if music doesn’t work out, she will have more options with a degree.

“Unless you get a crazy record deal that is so good you can’t pass up, definitely do not drop out,” she said.

While taking music classes for her minor she took a voice class with Patricia Prunty, associate professor of music.

Mukul said that Prunty had the biggest impact on her and really helped give her the foundation to sing correctly, even now as she has voice teachers.

“They say, ‘Wow, you sing correctly.’ It’s really important because you don’t want to hurt your voice, and I want to do this for the rest of my life,” Mukul said.

Prunty teaches her voice students how to use their breathing and how not to get tight in the voice.

Singers store a lot of their anxiety and tension around their throat, she said.

“Angela already had a lot of talent, and she’s very musical, and has got already has a very pretty voice,” said Prunty.

Some say her voice is what makes Mukul stand apart from others trying to get into the music industry.

Friend Troy Stump, also a CSUF alumnus, has known Mukul since she was 18 years old.

“She has this bluesy type of belt that she does with her voice that nobody really does at all, or probably can do. Her voice is very unique,” said Stump.

Mukul will appear on The Next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW. - The Daily Titan

"CSUF Alumna on Tonight’s ‘The Next’"

A little over a year after earning her bachelor’s degree, Angela Mukul is reaching for the golden ring — a recording contract.

Mukul, who has performed solo on stage since she was 15, sang Lady Gaga’s “You and I” before an audience of 1,800 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles last month. That performance, along with those of five other contestants, will be aired tonight on “The Next” at 9 p.m. on the CW Network.

“It felt really good,” she said this week while waiting to hear how she does. “I think I did well.”

“The Next” is a reality program in which contestants work with music industry superstars over a period of 72 hours, and then compete head-to-head before a live audience. The winner of that round moves on to the semifinals.

The 2011 alumna (B.A. business administration-entertainment and tourism management with a minor in music) had been singing at several venues throughout her high school and college years, and interned at Atlantic Records in the soundtrack department and the Cartoon Network’s music department as part of her university experience.

After graduation she moved to Hollywood, where she saw a poster about the program and thought, “Why not?”

“There were no big cattle calls, it was more one-on-one,” Mukul explained. “They were looking for artists who are already working in the field.”

She sent them videos of her work and took part in an audition. Then heard nothing. Months later, she got a call.

"They never said you got it," she said. But after the call, “basically, I knew to be at home on a certain Monday.”

Gloria Estefan and a film crew showed up on Mukul’s home and the action began. For three days she worked at her house — she has a home studio — with Estefan who mentored her on several things, including what to do with her hands while singing.

“She was wonderful! Such a nice lady,” said Mukul about the experience. “She’s a legend and I never imagined being able to work with her but she was very helpful in fine tuning my performance.”

During the mentorship, Mukul performed at a coffee shop and at Pink’s Hot Dogs before the performance that airs tonight.

If she wins tonight, she’ll be back on screen the next week, working toward that recording contract.

“I really want to win, but either way, it was just great to have gotten this opportunity, the exposure,” said Mukul. “I don’t know what to expect but it’s nice to be a part of all this.”

If she doesn’t win, Mukul still has a chance. Viewers can vote back any of the contestants who didn’t win by going to

To listen to a sample of Mukul singing, go to Angela Mukul on iTunes.
To see a preview of the show, go to “The Next” on YouTube.

By: Pamela McLaren, 657-278-4852 - California State University, Fullerton

"Find out how O.C. singer fared on 'The Next'"


Orange County singer-songwriter Angela Mukul performed Thursday on "The Next," the CW's singing competition series, but came up short in a fan vote to determine the winner of the Los Angeles round. Instead, singer Krystle Cruz was picked to advance to the semi-finals of the show next week..

That doesn't mean, however, that the 23-year-old from Anaheim and Yorba Linda is through on the show: An online fan vote will pick one more contestant from those who were runners up so far on the show so Mukul has a second chance to advance to the semi-finals next week.

We met Mukul a week ago at her parents' coffee shop in Anaheim and talked to her about a life spent pursuing the dream of singing and songwriting. The 2011 Cal State Fullerton graduate hopes that appearing on "The Next" will help her advance her career to the next level, win or lose.

On the show on Mukul sang Lady Gaga's "You And I," with help from professional mentor Gloria Estefan. Other mentors on the show included country star John Rich, hip-hop artist Nelly and pop star Joe Jonas.

To participate in the fan vote that will pick a seventh semi-finalist on the show go to Voting is open through 9 a.m. Pacific time on Friday, Sept. 21.

Contact the writer: 714-796-7787 or - Orange County Register

"Following the Notes of Her Dreams"

Angela Mukul is the first one in her music-enthusiastic family to actually pursue music as a career:
"Ever since I was 3, I was singing songs," said the 19-year-old. Guitar lessons started at age 14.
Mukul has been pursuing her dreamer of becoming a singer and songwriter; playing in the local coffee shops and singing in competitions.
But juggling her passion and school work is a challenge, Mukul said.
"It's definitely difficult," said the Cal State Fullerton sophomore. "During the school year, it gets really hard. I'm barely ever home because after class I have lessons or band practice pretty mush every day."
But Mukul's hard work is not without its rewards.
Earlier this month, she was selected as a finalist in the UK Songwriting competition for her song, "You Don't Know Me," which also made Beat Marketing's Hear It Here Cafe compact disc. The CD is expected to be distributed to more than 1,200 cafes nationwide in November.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?
A: From relationships, my own experiences and others'
-just life in general.

Q: What is your favorite song and why?
A:"You Don't Know Me." It's one of my most recent songs. It came from a relationship ending. I like the melody of the song, and it's a hit with a lot of people.

Q: How have friends responded to your musical career?
A: They love it. They're really supportive of me and I can count on them to come to my shows. They're excited and I'm glad they like it.

Q: What are your dreams?
A: To be a performer, an artist. I knew I couldn't do anything else when I picked up the guitar.

"My entire family is pretty music-oriented. Everyone really enjoys music, so I've always just been around it."
-Angela Mukul, on the origins of her love of music

Angela Mukul
Age: 19
School: Cal State Fullerton
Major: Business Entertainment
Hobby: Dancing
Favorite Artists: Sheryl Crow and KT Tunstall - Orange County Register

"O.C. native hopes for big break on TV show 'The Next'"


The casting notice wasn't all that specific – TV series seeks musicians ready to take it to the next level – but to Angela Mukul it was all she needed to see.

The 23-year-old Orange County native had graduated from Cal State Fullerton a few months earlier and beat a quick path to Hollywood, chasing the dream of making it as a singer-songwriter, finding the reality of work as a waitress.

So Mukul sent in a few homemade videos and landed an in-person audition which seemed to go well. Certainly, she thought, this seemed miles better than the long-shot chaos of the cattle call auditions for "American Idol" she'd lined up for back in high school.

And after a few months of back and forth?

"Nothing!" Mukul says, remembering how disappointed she felt when the phone calls and emails from the casting agency stopped. "And I was so sad. I was going, 'I'm never trying out for a reality show again!"

But while Mukul might have thought she was done with TV singing competitions, the show wasn't done with her. And on Thursday, when "The Next" airs on the CW network at 9 p.m., Mukul arrives on a national stage with a chance to win a contract with Atlantic Records.

"I still can't believe it happened," she says. "It was like a dream."

* * *

As a child, maybe three years old, Mukul learned to sing along with the Disney and Christian music sing-along albums she listened to at home. The fireplace hearth was her stage, her mother and grandma her audience.

At Calvary Chapel Academy in Yorba Linda, she sang in the elementary school choir and blossomed, her mother says, in the spotlight of school musicals, belting out her songs with confidence and poise. "We couldn't believe it was her, because she was normally so shy," says Tammy Nadel, her mom.

When she was 14 or 15, her blues-playing stepdad Jeff Nadel taught her a few guitar chords and her first song, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." She showed promise, so he signed her up for lessons and she quickly learned her way around an acoustic guitar.

At 15, she started playing live, her first gig at Java Joe's in Yorba Linda, where she played covers such as Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul?" Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones" and K.T. Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree."

"Now I don't get nervous," Mukul says. "But then I was so scared to talk between songs. I was really shy so I'd pretty much just play my songs."

Getting out of the coffee-shop-and-restaurant circuit and into street performing cured her of that, she says. After learning enough songs to play for three or four hours at a stretch, she got permits to play at Irvine Spectrum, Anaheim Garden Walk and the Birch Street Promenade in Brea.

"It's different there because people aren't there to see you, so you have to get their attention," Mukul says. "It needs to be upbeat. What's popular on the radio, that's great. And then you can throw in an original between songs."

A three-hour set would usually earn her $100 or more, not bad money compared to the minimum wage jobs she worked at places such as Java Joe's and Golden Spoon frozen yogurt.

One of those restaurant gigs when she was about 16 also landed her a good contact in the music scene. Orange County-based keyboard player Jason Freese, currently part of Green Day's touring band, was playing with singer-songwriter Jewel a few years back when he and his wife went to dinner at Fitness Pizza in Yorba Linda and caught a then-16-year-old Mukul belting out one of Jewel's hits.

"He called up Jewel and said, 'There's this girl in here, she's singing your song and doing it great,'" Mukul says. And then introduced himself and eventually recorded a song with her and also used her for backing vocals on sessions he produced for bands such as Zebrahead and Death By Stereo.

"I got an email from him today," she says. "He's so excited (about 'The Next'). He said, 'I knew it! I'm proud!'"

* * *

At Cal State Fullerton, Mukul majored in business with a focus on entertainment management, and minored in music. She interned at Atlantic Records and Cartoon Network. And almost as soon as she graduated in 2011 moved to Los Angeles to stay with her father, Agustin Mukul, as she tried to break into the business.

"It was a little scary," she says of the decision to forgo the safety of a career job to work as a server at Buffalo Wild Wings in Hollywood and Sammy's Wood-Fired Pizza in Studio City, jobs she still holds today. "I thought, 'OK, if I don't get to do my music maybe I'll be on the business side.' But then I thought, 'No way, I want to be an artist.'"

So eventually she decided to contact the casting agency one last time and see if they might want to hear a few new songs she'd recorded. The response she got thrilled her: The show had been picked up by the CW Network and would she like to come in for another audition?

Things moved quickly then. There were papers to sign, songs to pick, rehe - Orange County Register

"Angela Mukul achieves success"

Angela Mukul knew she wanted to be a singer when she was three. From singing with Disney Sing-Along's to recording her own songs Mukul is set to make her talents into a career.

Mukul was creative with her music right from the beginning. "I would make up songs and sing them on the fireplace; I pretended it was a stage and my grandma would video tape me," Mukul said.

Now writing her own songs, she has recorded with producer and keyboardist Jason Freese. "I was playing at Fitness Gril in Brea and he told me I had a great voice and asked me to sing some demos for him," said Mukul.
She had the opportunity to record some demo CD's for the popular folk singer, Jewel, an opportunity she regards as one of the high points in her career so far.
Mukul is very optimistic and very determined to turn her talents into a career. She's made it her lifelong goal to become a singer and songwriter, and believes she is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.
"Hopefully I can go all the way with this, well it had better. I'm going to make sure it does," said Mukul.

- Esperanza Azatlan


Free - EP
You And I - The NEXT Performance (single)
Chicks Before Dudes - Angela Mukul (single)
NYU Village Records: Basement Babble (compilation)



Angela Mukul (pronounced McCool) is an upbeat, pop singer-songwriter who describes her sound as “pop with a touch of soul”. She’s been performing live as a solo artist for over 9 years, in addition to recording in studio on both her own tracks and those of others.

Most recently, Angela released her debut EP Free containing 6 self-written songs and the music video for I’d Rather Be Single, the first single off her EP.
Just last year, Angela broadcast her talents on the CW Network’s new music competition show: The NEXT where she was mentored by the Queen of Latin Pop herself: Gloria Estefan. Angela’s live television performance can be viewed online and a full-length version of the song she performed on the show, You And I-Lady Gaga, can be found on iTunes.

Angela’s fan base continues to rapidly grow and she now has fans in over 45 countries. As a songwriter, she has been a finalist in national and international songwriting competitions. Writing constantly, the messages within her songwriting focus on: love, optimism and empowerment. Undoubtedly an artist who knows exactly what she stands for, Angela seeks to shine light on the world through her one true passion: music.